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  1. Devils lake Ice

    Thinking about heading to Devils Lake for the weekend, just wondering if anyone knows how the ice is? Thanks
    Devils Lake
  2. Audubon

    A group of us went to Audubon just for the late evening. We caught 8 'eyes in total, and a smallie. They were deeper than we expected, in about 20 fow. Jigging spoons and minnows mostly.
    The North Lake had a bunch of open water, but where we were was 2+ feet of ice. The ice was certainly soft and auger'd up in cubes.
    Guessing it will go fast now.

    A lot of folks around the culvert. We were more in the Velva Point area.
    Lake Audubon
  3. Fort Rice

    We fished between Hazelton and Fort Rice ramps. We got out about 1 quit at 6. One nice keeper walleye. We know other boats did well. I know a boat of 4 guys got 17 in about 3 hrs in Bismarck. There were well over 100 boats I'd estimate we seen today. You would think more guys would give a report, it's not like you're gonna add anymore fishing pressure.
    Missouri River
  4. Fargo Self Quarantine

    Just a quick note - get out and fish!!!

    Bite has been great near Fargo as evidenced by the pics.....all ND fish, all virus free!

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    Other: SE ND Area
  5. Grand Forks Area

    New to the site and state, anyone know of some good areas near(1-2hrs) Grand Forks? I dont have ice gear but fished the Red River and Larimore Dam before iceout and caught some cats, bass, and one 20in pike. Nothing of great size. I am willing to put in the time for bigger fish and go into Minnesota if needed. I have an oar powered boat so not beholden to shore fishing. I grew up fishing for salmon, bass, and trout but no experience with walleye, pike, and musky. Cats seem fairly simple on the Red River, just gotta find a good inlet and sit above it.

    Any suggestions are appreciated! ...
  6. Columbia river Wash

    I fished the Columbia river 3-16 & 3-17, biggest fish caught was 11.6 lbs, walleye, caught 14 first day 8 second day many 3-5lbs. Froze our asses off. 24 degrees in am.. Bite was very slow
  7. Beaver Bay Oahe

    I was down at beav yesterday. Getting on the ice was nearly impossible as there was about 20 feet of water that had a thin layer of ice all around. A few of us did manage to find a way on from the south shore and I left at noon and made it off without wet feet, but barely. I fished all morning and had no action. The water appeared to be stained. I will not attempt to ice fish there again this season.
    Lake Oahe
  8. Shore Fishing Bismarck

    Any certain tactics or areas in Bismarck that work for fish on the river? I went and threw cranks for about an hour the other day with no luck. It just seems tough to find a good spot from shore here! Just looking for some tips and anything and everything is appreciated! Do cranks or plastics work better?
    Missouri River
  9. I see A LOT of water on the River ...

    Anyone have Boat fever with this warm spell????? Bismarck Area
    Missouri River
  10. Poor fishing

    does anybody have a report of good fishing up in Northwest ND.
    Other: NW ND Area
  11. Missouri river Ft Rice area

    tried spearing twice in the last couple of weeks. little success the first time, nothing the 2nd. Clarity is 7' at best.
    Missouri River
  12. lake audubon 2/16/2020

    BUNK TRIP....went sat out there four of us all day from sun up to sun down multiple depths and didnt get not a single bite not one of us we were off the totten trail boat...i havnt been there in years and dont think ill be going back for years to come all the ppl pulling there ice castles off the ice around us made me think we wernt the only ones not getting any action
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    Lake Audubon
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