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  1. Ice on Sak.

    Has anyone attempted to go out on the lake. I have heard rumors about people being out on deep water bay catching walleye. Is there any truth to this? Does anyone know it you’re able to go out on Shell Bay? I last heard the ice was clearing quickly but not completely gone.
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. Missouri Around bis

    Been fishing around bismarck for walleye recently. Took the boat out at Fox one day w no luck. Been shore fishing at fox and have only managed 1 walleye in 3 or 4 trips on shore. Shore fished last night at the desert and caught 2 sturgeon and a cat. Was hoping someone had some tips for some walleye near bismarck. I go to umary and am leaving next weekend and I want to get on a decent amount of eyes before I head home for the summer!
    Missouri River
  3. Mouse River

    Hit the Mouse in Minot for about an hour and a half yesterday evening. Caught 3 table fare walleye. I was using jig/paddletail. The guy next to me was there longer, but caught his 5 with a jig/minnow.

    The current is just right for fishing.
  4. East end bays for pike

    Hit a few pike spots yesterday, looked like all the bays had enough open water to fish. Caught pike in every spot, nothing big, 10# was the biggest. Maybe 12 pike total, none on smelt, everything hit a hard swimbait or a minnow swimming on a tiny hook under a bobber. Bigger ones should start picking up more this week.
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    Lake Sakakawea
  5. Audubon

    Fished the Velva Bay area last night from 6 to 9. Fished in 10 to 16 feet of water. Caught 4 five inch perch and one 16" eye and broke one off. Ice was 24" but it only took me 15 minuets to drill 20 holes, soft as butter and honey combed all the way thru it came up in chunks half as big as my boot. There were 5 or 6 pickups parked on shore with empty trailers but didn't see any wheelers on the ice. They must of went around to the SE. Lots of guys fishing east of the cabins by the culvert. Think my second ice fishing trip of the year will be my last.
    Lake Audubon
  6. Missouri - Bismarck

    I heard most of the ramps around Bismarck / Mandan are open as of April 2nd, but haven’t heard any fishing reports. Anyone been out lately?
    Missouri River
  7. Nelson Lake

    Lapper and I took the boat to Nelson yesterday. Apparently it wasn't an original idea. We didn't catch a lot of fish but the quality was decent. We caught mostly largies and a few crappies. The thing to note here is that the creek bringing water into the lake is at max capacity so my guess is that the lake temps are going to drop significantly over the next couple weeks and the water will get dirty. Everyone used the ramp by the warm water release and it was pretty muddy. The lake temp was around 60 degrees from 1 end to the other.
    Nelson Lake
  8. Spring tailrace.

    This isn’t a report but a question. Just curious if the tailrace has a good spring bite from shore at night on the rocks in the chutes. Have been getting the itch and was thinking about heading up there to give it a whirl. I guess I have always heard of a good fall bite but don’t think I have heard much about the spring. Just curious..
    Missouri River
  9. Winter Kill

    Was out at Crystal Springs yesterday. Didn't catch a thing. Didn't see any fish on my underwater camera either. The water had kind of a sour smell to it. Does that tell us anything?
  10. Lake Josephine

    Does anyone know how close to the ice you can get a pickup either East side off the highway or from the boat ramp from the South?
  11. Lake Access??????

    Are there any lakes a guy can still drive on or at least get close enough to the lake to walk on? I’ve been on new johns and east park the last few times but can’t drive on anywhere, catching lots of eyes but most are dinks. Thanks!!
  12. Alkaline

    Went down to Alkaline this past weekend for the tourney. Fishing was very slow for everyone that I talked too. Also TONS of snow down there. I wouldn’t recommend going to Lake Alkaline. Has anyone heard any good reports from anywhere?
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