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  1. New Town and West

    We put in at New Town yesterday. We were kind of flying blind, so we decided to start there and work our way west. It was 36 degree water at New Town. We marked just a few at sh**house, with no luck. We moved on to White Earth Bay. The water was around 41 degrees in the bay there, but it was pretty muddy. We fished in regardless for just a bit, with no luck. We tried a few other spots, then found a bunch of catfish on the electronice around the pipeline area. We caught a couple of those and moved on. We ended up out by Lund's Landing and found a lot of life, and water temps at around ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. Sak - Steinke Bay

    Fished Saturday 4/17 out of Steinke. So first of all NDGF has done a good job cleaning out the ramp and the area around it, all the silt is pushed back - easy to load/unload. Got on the water about Noon...there were 6 to 7 trailers at the ramp. Started out fishing west side of Steinke, targeted 8 to 12 lock...cast up to shore. Switched between minnows and plastics. Water temps were between 38-42...bites were very soft...had to really pay attention...not easy on a windy day! Only caught 1 24 inch fat female and a pike. I did run over to the embankment and fish the pump house area but ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  3. Mobridge Grand River

    Headed out early and fished up the Grand from 9 to 5. 3 fish.
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    Lake Oahe
  4. tschida

    Took the little 16ft lund out this last weekend on it's maiden voyage. The small walleyes(10-13")were like piranha. They were eating jigs, lindys, even spinners all tipped with minnows. Did manage to get a couple bigger females that were starting to dump eggs too. The water was 42-43 degrees. Our best fishing came on sunken structure in the 18-27foot range, but there was a shallow bite it was just harder to fish it in the wind. The occasional 23+" fish out deeper made it worth staying out deep, also got some bonus perch in the 12-13" range and a few eater male walleye 14-17", ...
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    Lake Tschida
  5. Heskett

    Spring fishing so far is following suit from last fall up there for me. Very slow. I have only caught 2 fish between all last fall and 4 trips this spring.
    Missouri River
  6. Tackle Box found along Hwy 25

    If you have lost your prized possessions and want them back, contact me and describe the box and at least some of the tackle. Will be happy to get it back to you.
  7. Mid sakakawea

    Went out and spent a couple days on the ice last weekend on the south shore access was still really good, fishing for us was pretty slow the first night we set up in 24-26 feet the perch were stacked in there nothing big probably about 9” to 5” fish, kept the kids busy, did get one 4lb northern. The next day we moved back in the bay further and moved shallower seen a few walleyes on the camera but they weren’t taking any of the rattle baits spoons or plain hook setups however. Had a few tip up hits but no hookups. First couple inches of ice was a little honeycombed but everywhere we drilled there ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  8. Dawson Steele Area ice conditions

    Planning to take some family out fishing this week and would really like to not have to trailer the 4 wheeler. After the recent super cold snap thinking ice is probably safe for pickup driving everywhere but doesn't hurt to ask.
    The target lakes as of now are Sibley, Jasper, Silver, Woodhouse. Unless the tight lipped ice fishing nation is willing to break rank and point me in a different direction...…..
  9. Audubon 2/12 - 2/14

    Fished 20-27 feet this past weekend. Not sure what happened, but the fish just shut down. Did very well in the same spot the previous weekend, but only managed one fish this weekend. Not sure if it was the weather, but I'll be doing some hole hopping this weekend to find them before moving the big house again. Anyone else having luck on Audubon?
    Lake Audubon
  10. Devils Lake 2-5 to 2-7

    Started Friday morning off of Grahams island on the old Ziebachs Pass road in 18' of water. Dead sea there, hardly even marked any fish. Packed up Sat morning and after talking to Kyle at Woodland we moved to Creel to a spot they had been catching fish the day before. The fish were there but could not get them to bite. Was hard to be mobile when its -23 out. We ended up with one jumbo perch and 4 dink walleyes coming out of '42 of water. I think Ted put some bad juju on my ice house.
    Devils Lake
  11. Jamestown Reservoir

    Fished at Jamestown Reservoir on Friday for most of the day. Three of us caught 15+ walleye and a few nice perch and small pike. Most walleye were small but we kept 8 over 14 inches. Ice was about 15 inches and we fished in about 25 feet of water. We drove on the ice after seeing that someone else finally did too. We didn't want to be the first that day.
  12. Devils Lake- true story - lol serious

    I ventured out on the lake early saturday morning is search of a new location to set up my zach shack since its present location sucked! My buddy was going to join me but decided he would rather sleep in for a while. My first location sucked as well so moved after not marking anything and moved to a location t hat we caught Walters last winter. I was marking them but only caught one.. my buddy finally pulls up in his truck so we were both fishing out of our trucks. We ended up with 2 each at 10am and decided to move my Zack there. Decided to meet at my Zack in an hour. I was ahead of schedule ...
    Devils Lake
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