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  1. West Sak

    Pre fished Friday. We made the run out to Hoffland, Lund’s, and Tobacco Gardens. We caught fish in multiple places, and in a range of depths from 4-18 fow. It was a fun day.

    On Saturday, for the PFTF tournament, we had a tough time scratching out fish in our spots. We ended up with 9 lbs and change. 👎👎 The ride out was rough, and the ride back was WORSE! Talk about a beating. I woke up Sunday morning and felt like I had an intense leg day at the gym.
    A buddy almost swamped his boat on the way back. He speared a wave and said it dove like a submarine. Didn’t ...

    Updated 05-13-2019 at 07:42 AM by Vollmer

    Lake Sakakawea
  2. canel lakes

    hit the canel lakes today for the first time since early march. must of been about a dozen boats out trying there luck. i netted a two northerns two smallies and three walleyes one was 25 inches, water temp was 52 to 56
    New Johns Lake

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