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  1. Slow Day

    Went out to long creek east of Williston on Sunday 17 JAN 2021. Fished 11' of water and brought home two 13 inch crappie and a 14 inch walleye. White and pink jigging spoon tipped with a minnow head. 14 inches of ice.
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. Nygren dam

    Tried Nygren on 1-16 for a couple hours in the afternoon. Ice was 9 to 12 inches in the area I fished. Checked from 10 feet down to 22 feet and marked fish in every hole i drilled. Caught 8 bluegills with the biggest one being 4 inches.
    Other: SW ND Area
  3. Small perch at New Johns

    Fished a couple of times last week at New Johns in about 12 feet of water using jigs and minnow. Caught a lot of 7-9 inch perch and one 16 inch walleye. Most everyone was catching those perch. A lot of people on the ice. A couple of vehicles but I wouldn't drive on. The ice was about 12 inches, maybe a bit less.
    New Johns Lake
  4. East end of Sakakawea (Snake Creek)

    Fished Snake Creek area today. Went out past the last islands from the boat dock, fished in 8-30 feet. Two small perch and two small walleye all from 25-30' of water. Ice was about 6-8". Be careful if fishing this area, best to walk out. Drove over to Ft Stevenson to check it out and the lake is wide open over there. East side boat dock area at Ft Steve is froze over but that is about it. West side dock is wide open.
    Lake Sakakawea
  5. Sakakawea Ice

    Not a report. Just curious about the ice conditions on the east end from Douglas to the highway. Anyone been out in that area?
  6. Sibley Lake

    Anyone done any fishing on Sibley Lake north of Dawson in the last few days?
  7. After Christmas Outing

    Went out on the 26th to a small dam near me. Caught one 11 inch perch on a lindy perch talker tipped with a small minnow. Caught a 36 inch pike on an airplane jig with a smelt and minnow and a couple of smaller pike on the same set up. Perch was in 20 ft of water and the pike were in 10 ft.
    Other: NW ND Area
  8. Josephine

    Fished the morning of 12/20. It was a busy morning, however everything was tiny. Ice wasn't much to speak of either. After the sun came up, you could tell the lake had froze over a couple of times. Fished in 16 FOW, ice was about 6".
  9. Slough Perch Fishing

    Hit an area slough this weekend looking for perch....used the clicker and hit 112 between 2 guys! We didn't use it until about an hour in or so, likely more around 150 fish or so!

    Average size was 8", biggest were 12" with multiple in the 10-11" range. Also got a few bonus walleye on micro plastics (14-16"). I wasn't looking to keep fish, so everything went back. Fun time though!

    I know I'm not giving a lake name, but it's a teaser to encourage others to get out and off the couch. I guess I could've stayed home and baked cookies with the wife ...
  10. Alkaline lake.

    Was up tonight. Caught two keepers. 4-5 inches of ice. But here is a word of caution. Went up Saturday just to snoop around. Lake was all froze over except by road culverts. Sunday drove up again and there were very large areas of open water all over the lake. Very weird. So just to let everyone know, the ice up there is going to be very sketchy and unpredictable till we get a long stretch of cold weather. So please be careful.
  11. New johns

    6 inches of ice on New John’s. Fished a couple hours this afternoon. A bunch of little perch. 2 keeper eyes and lost a couple more keepers. Fun evening.
    New Johns Lake
  12. Lake Metigoshe - Condition Report

    Anyone have any info on how the conditions are on Metigoshe? We are staying at one of the cabins for Christmas and was hoping to have good ice and not a ton of snow...and to catch some slabs!

    Updated 12-15-2020 at 09:59 AM by BP338

    Lake Metigoshe
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