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  1. Bismarck Ice

    I will be out this Saturday and going around to a few smaller lakes all around Bismarck, mostly east and west, and I’ll come in here and give a god ice report since I have not seen too much!
  2. Ice conditions

    Anyone have any ice reports around valley city or Jamestown?
  3. lotw walleye and saugers

    went up to lotw during the 4th and did fairly well pulling leadore in 29-30 ft with hotsteel #5 raps and crayfish colored fat raps. we pulled in 3 between 25 to 26 inches and lost a much bigger eye. almost all of our fishing was close to 12 mile reef, and when the waves where to rough we drifted with spinners. Gold perch was by far the best with shinners, they werent quite into crawlers yet. on friday my battery for the eletronics when dead so we just sort of winged it for awhile until the smoke out of canada rolled in and left us with a half mile visability, so i pointed the bow down wind and ...
  4. Island Lake Kayak Fishing

    Drove halfway across the continent to kayak fish Island Lake. Managed one fat walleye each with heavy effort. Couldn't find any spots deeper than 8 feet and water temps were 77 F. North end of lake was 5 feet deep maximum and 80 F. We saw walleye up in the weeds in 3 feet of water but couldn't figure out how to target them. Gravel launch area is good for canoes and small hand-launch craft and access is good compliments of landowner.
  5. Crown Butte

  6. Detroit Lakes, MN - shallow crappie

    The crappies are starting to move into the shallow mud bays. Sunny afternoons seems to be the best for the bite. Was pretty windy Saturday but still managed 10 between 2 people in a couple hours.
  7. Winter Kill

    Was out at Crystal Springs yesterday. Didn't catch a thing. Didn't see any fish on my underwater camera either. The water had kind of a sour smell to it. Does that tell us anything?
  8. Lakes around Cass County ND

    Anyone fishing lakes around the area? Lookin to go out maybe this weekend with a buddy for a few hours. Based out of Hunter, so not lookin for anything over an hour and a half drive. Just lookin to see if there is fish biting. Thanks for any help.
  9. Lake of the Woods

    Went up on New Years Day and had a buddy join me the following day and we left Sunday mid-morning. Fished out of Dale’s access. Had permanent over towards Twin Islands in 25 FOW. fished in the house Wednesday all day and the mornings on Thursday and Friday. Spent the other afternoons and all day Saturday out with portable on Adrian’s reef, North Adrian’s and also 16 mile. Fished in 26-31 FOW. Decent to good action everyday. Plain green hook was the go-to for my dead stick. Pink and white buckshot jig with minnow head was on my jigging for the majority of the time. We caught 6 slot fish ...
  10. Lake of the Woods

    Ran up to red lake on Friday and fishing was tough. Started in 13 ft marked 1 then moved to 11 ft with better results but it was a slow night with 3 fish hitting the ice.

    Saturday went to LOW out of WigWams and headed past pine island. Started in 25 ft for a couple hours then moved to 29 and did real well. Caught a lot of fish on red or pink rattling fliers.

    Easy travel on both lakes. No pickups on LOW but saw a lot on red but we only had 10.5 inches in both places we fished.
  11. North Eckelson

    Has anyone been to Eckelson this year? Was planning on going out there on Sat. with a buddy of mine to go chase some perch. heard there's lots of perch, with some nice ones there. Haven't been there in years Thks,
  12. Stutsman County

    Has anyone been out around Stutsman County? I am looking to go on a smaller lake this weekend and was looking at Fox, Reule, or Stink Lake. Just wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to fish them, results, and ice conditions?
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