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  1. Dry Lake By Ashley.

    Wife and I went to Dry today and only caught 2 16 inchers. Wind died and was hotter than hell on the water and it is really green. I have never seen the weed line out as far as it is.
  2. Alkaline

    The bite is still good at Alkaline. Went with my daughter early on Saturday. We we on the water before 7:00 and were the 12th rig there. We left at noon and counted over 60! What a cluster that little ramp can be with that many people. Oh well, we came home with a limit or really healthy fish 16-19”.
  3. Alkaline Lake

    On Monday the 10th I went to Alkaline Lake south of Dawson and we caught our fish using slow death. Released a bunch of 13" fish. My biggest was 18". The odd thing about that fish was that it was a female that did not spawn, and was still full of eggs. Water temps were around 63 degrees. Anyone else catching females that did not spawn this spring at this lake?
  4. Alkaline Lake - Kidder

    Fished Alkaline today. We did well. We caught most of our fish casting cranks into the shallows. We just moved around as some areas held fish and some did not. If you don't care much for the gravel road in, you really aren't going to like the 23 miles of fresh oil, loose rock from Dawson south
  5. Beaver Bay

    Had a Nice two man limit from Beaver yesterday 5/19. Was pretty cold out with 37 degree water temps, lots of wind but no rain. Smallest was 15" biggest was 25". 18 feet of water

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  6. shore fishing

    headed to alkaline in morning will report back in evening.
  7. Oahe??

  8. Lake Josephine

    Does anyone know how close to the ice you can get a pickup either East side off the highway or from the boat ramp from the South?
  9. Alkaline

    Went down to Alkaline this past weekend for the tourney. Fishing was very slow for everyone that I talked too. Also TONS of snow down there. I wouldn’t recommend going to Lake Alkaline. Has anyone heard any good reports from anywhere?
  10. Lake Geneva

    I fished from about 330-630 and caught 2 perch and marked fish on and off but no other bites. Winter doldrums I would guess. Fished in about 9 ft. Thanks for the ride in to the guys in the side X side. dukgnfsn
  11. Jasper Lake

    Might be able to save some folks a trip. Some asshat decided to plow a bunch of snow onto the boat ramp so you can’t drive a vehicle on. It’ll probably be that way for the rest of the winter unless someone comes in with some equipment.

    We walked in anyway. Ice was 12-14” where we were.
  12. Beaver Bay (Emmons County)

    Went out to Beaver Bay Saturday 12-29, fished all morning and part of the afternoon, Marked a bunch of fish but no takers, tried all sizes and colors, spoons jigs and rattle spoons had a couple lite bites but lost them before the hole. Seems like we mark a lot of fish everywhere but the bite is slow and very lite.
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