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  1. Question - Not A Report

    My old-school rock guards mounted on my receiver hitch are about done. They've been great and have done their job well over the years, so no complaints there! I'm considering a rock guard solution thats permanently mounted to the boat trailer this time around tho. Seen some really nice diamond-plated guards on trailers at various boat ramps this summer... been paying attention since I knew I would be replacing mine soon. Did some googling but not having much luck finding those so wondering if someone could get me in the right direction with that (if still available I guess). Also interested ...
  2. Douglas / Berthold bay

    Fishing was slow for us but found some decent fish both days and 1 nice sauger to boot... Purple/White were the preferred colors with most eaters coming between 26-34' . The waves this afternoon coming across the lake were not cool.....
    Lake Sakakawea
  3. beulah bay area

    Fished to the west Saturday and east Sunday. East seemed more productive but may have just been the day. Tried anywhere from 7' -40' mostly bb's and spinners.
    Quite a few small walleyes some bigger fish sprinkled in at all depths. Best depths overall 19'-21'. Best colors: purple then gold. 1/2 crawlers out performed leeches by a wide margin. Gulp really wasn't working....
    Lake Sakakawea
  4. Mid sak 7/30

    Took some youths out today, seems like kids always bring luck to the boat! Must have caught close to 50 by noon, plain snell and spinners. Started out at 14 and they slid out to 25 by noon, good times!
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    Lake Sakakawea
  5. My summer in a nutshell.

    I went out late Sunday afternoon on a small lake in central ND. Just the dog and I, and about 3 other boats on the water. Using spinners and crawlers, I ended up catching a 35 and 37 (or was it 37 and 39??) pair of pike that each put up one hell of a fight. Lucky hook job on both to keep the line away from their teeth. Then just as I was getting ready to leave, I caught a 25 inch walleye.

    Just another day on the water that I went home with no fish. Damnit!
  6. Sakakawea and crank baits

    What are you guys using for your cranks on the big lake. Which lure is your best producer? I have been having very little success with cranks in my box. Advice needed. Thank You all
    Lake Sakakawea
  7. East Sakakawea 7/25

    I put in at Wolf Creek about 7am. Picked up a 20” fairly early and then nothing but dinks the rest of the day. Caught quite a few, just couldn’t find any more keepers. Fished spots on both sides of Mallard including sunken islands. Color of spinner didn’t seem to matter too much.
    Lake Sakakawea
  8. Salmon - 07/25/20

    Was out today with my dad from approx. 6am to noon. No fish in boat, but we did have some action this morning. Had 4 releases and missed one. All these came with darker greens on the flasher and blue on a needle fish in 145-ish fow. One weight set to 75' and the other at 100'. Did talk to a gentleman briefly on our way by and he caught 1 small one so far at that time. A boat at the fish cleaning station with downriggers mounted on it, but didnt get to see the catch tho.

    The rod set to 100' had one of those multi-colored 'cyclone' flashers, with the spinning center piece. This ...

    Updated 07-25-2020 at 07:35 PM by ccbartuska

    Lake Sakakawea
  9. Sakakawea - Beulah Bay

    With the water warmed up things have been spectacular. Fishing had been a little more shallow earlier in July and now seem to be a bunch deeper.

    I was out yesterday evening from 3:30 - 6:30 and had my limit and a few catch & release to enjoy the gorgeous evening and light breeze. I started out in 21' and realized I was marking more fish as I moved deeper toward 25', then caught my first fish at 18". Again I moved a little more out and caught another right away at 27'. By the time I turned around and made my return pass I was filled up with the last one in the live well ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Van Hook

    any reports from the hook would like to come out next week
    Lake Sakakawea
  11. devils lake

    Can anyone give a recent report on devils lake never been there thinking about trying it once
    Devils Lake
  12. Audubon

    The kids and I went to Audubon yesterday. We had originally planned on putting in and fishing out of Wolf Creek, but the wind encouraged us to find calmer seas.

    Started out near the embankment and only had little perch nibbles on spinners tipped with crawlers, generally in the 30 ft depth range. Ended up heading farther east and while the bite did pick up farther to the east, it was still pretty slow as we only caught two walleyes. and a few small perch.

    The day was so mediocre that I ended up having to keep this one after reeling it in from over 30 ft of water. ...
    Lake Audubon
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