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  1. Nelson Lake

    Lapper and I took the boat to Nelson yesterday. Apparently it wasn't an original idea. We didn't catch a lot of fish but the quality was decent. We caught mostly largies and a few crappies. The thing to note here is that the creek bringing water into the lake is at max capacity so my guess is that the lake temps are going to drop significantly over the next couple weeks and the water will get dirty. Everyone used the ramp by the warm water release and it was pretty muddy. The lake temp was around 60 degrees from 1 end to the other.
    Nelson Lake
  2. Spring tailrace.

    This isn’t a report but a question. Just curious if the tailrace has a good spring bite from shore at night on the rocks in the chutes. Have been getting the itch and was thinking about heading up there to give it a whirl. I guess I have always heard of a good fall bite but don’t think I have heard much about the spring. Just curious..
    Missouri River
  3. Winter Kill

    Was out at Crystal Springs yesterday. Didn't catch a thing. Didn't see any fish on my underwater camera either. The water had kind of a sour smell to it. Does that tell us anything?
  4. Lake Josephine

    Does anyone know how close to the ice you can get a pickup either East side off the highway or from the boat ramp from the South?
  5. Lake Access??????

    Are there any lakes a guy can still drive on or at least get close enough to the lake to walk on? I’ve been on new johns and east park the last few times but can’t drive on anywhere, catching lots of eyes but most are dinks. Thanks!!
  6. Alkaline

    Went down to Alkaline this past weekend for the tourney. Fishing was very slow for everyone that I talked too. Also TONS of snow down there. I wouldn’t recommend going to Lake Alkaline. Has anyone heard any good reports from anywhere?
  7. Audubon

    Any reports on Audubon? I haven't heard anything about the fishing or access down there, any info is appreciated!
    Lake Audubon
  8. Beaver Bay

    He anyone fished beaver bay lately? Thinking of trying it this coming weekend, but have no idea if there is fish being caught. Any info would be helpful!
    Missouri River
  9. East Sakakawea Ice ?

    Just wondering how the ice is and if there’s any access by wolf creek or anywhere close to there, any info would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks
    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Hiddenwood by Makoti

    Anyone been out to Hiddenwood Lake this year or recently even? Im lookin at it as a possible lake to fish next weekend, as im coming to Minot again to see family. Saw decent number s of each species of the Game and FIsh website. Hows Access? If access is terrible, is there any good spots 100-300 yards off shore? Thanks
  11. Deepwater

    Four of us went to Deepwater on west Sakakawea. A lot of snow, so we basically setup and hunkered down in two Otters, with a bunch of tip ups out. We were in a bay all by ourselves, and for good reason as it turns out. We were setup off of a sunken point in 24-26 fow. We caught a few cisco, a few pike, a perch, and one walleye.

    I like that area, and will be back.
    Lake Sakakawea
  12. Alkali Lake

    Fished Alkali Lake Saturday. Got out there about 7:00am and fished until noon. Caught 3 fish. A 25", 21", and an 11". All eyes. About 12fow. Had to have been 500 people out there. Looked like a tournament was going on. Water is really murky. There was a lot of slush around the shore where we were fishing. This lake has definitely cooled down. Had fun with some old friends that I don't see to often.
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