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  1. Ft Rice

    Went to Ft Rice today, Boat dock has been removed. Went to Casino boat ramp gates locked.
    Missouri River
  2. Anyone fishing?

    Has anyone been fishing the Missouri near state line lately??
    Missouri River
  3. Lake Ashtabula - Fishing Report 9/18 - 9/20/2020

    What's up to all the NoDak Anglers!
    I hope everyone has been safe and been fishing a lot in a time like this. I just want to provide an update if anyone has been thinking about getting out:

    My oldest son and I made a last minute weekend run to the amazing Lake Ashtabula this weekend. Here's the weather condition:

    Temperature: Low 60's during the morning and nights. Low 70's during the peak
    Water Temp: 60 degrees to high 50's.
    Wind: 5-8mph in the morning. Wind gust got too high in during the prime time to the evening.
    Area fished: Spot 1 - At ...
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  4. Tailrace

    Myself and a buddy of mine are heading up to the tailrace Saturday just looking for any info anyone is willing to share. Took him up there last year the end of October and didn’t have much luck. Hoping this year is better
    Lake Sakakawea
  5. West end.

    Fished out of Lewis and Clark park and tobacco garden. Very slow. Netted 3 in 21 fow using spinners and minnows. Water is turning green.
    Lake Sakakawea
  6. Lake Trout

    Does anyone go after lake trout on sakakawea??
    Lake Sakakawea
  7. Red River at Grand Forks 9-1-20

    After 2 months of up and down water levels we are finally down to a stable level. It is a little high for this time of year but that is ok. We have lots of big fish around and they are putting on the feed bag getting ready for winter. the past couple weeks they have been there but somewhat moody. The past three days have been game on and the fish are getting bigger and more plentiful with the stability of conditions.

    Best baits for me have been frogs and one day dead suckers. The fish have been on the off current seam until the past two days they moved to the main current.
    Red River
  8. Beulah bay.

    You had to be the worst fisherman in the world to not catch fish today. Fished for 3 hours mid day and caught 8, could’ve had our limit but my boy said it was enough. 16 was the shallowest with 22 to 25 ft being the best. 14 to 25 inch range, let the bigger ones swim and clean 8 14” to 17”.
    Lake Sakakawea
  9. 8/22-23 Mid Lake

    Fished out of beulah bay again. Saturday day mid day heat was unbearable but we did manage 9 nice walleyes and my 5 year old daughter managed the two best walleyes of the day. Sunday was crazy early before the storms front rolled through but couldn't get back on them after the front. Orange smiles and slow death were the best producers both days. Saturday fish were deep mostly 36-40' , Sunday morning 26' seemed to be the ticket.
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    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Salmon Updates??

    Hey everyone,
    Just wanted to see if there was any recent feedback related to salmon fishing in the Gov. Bay area. Hoping to take a family friend out this weekend for the first time. I just plan on driving the boat and hopefully he might pick up a couple. No worries if not, I just haven't been able to get back up there to try it again since late July so just thought I would check.

    Thank You
    Lake Sakakawea
  11. Question - Not A Report

    My old-school rock guards mounted on my receiver hitch are about done. They've been great and have done their job well over the years, so no complaints there! I'm considering a rock guard solution thats permanently mounted to the boat trailer this time around tho. Seen some really nice diamond-plated guards on trailers at various boat ramps this summer... been paying attention since I knew I would be replacing mine soon. Did some googling but not having much luck finding those so wondering if someone could get me in the right direction with that (if still available I guess). Also interested ...
  12. Douglas / Berthold bay

    Fishing was slow for us but found some decent fish both days and 1 nice sauger to boot... Purple/White were the preferred colors with most eaters coming between 26-34' . The waves this afternoon coming across the lake were not cool.....
    Lake Sakakawea
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