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  1. Red River 5-23-19

    River conditions are perfect right now. Catfishing is getting better every day and the fish are looking great. The best areas to fish are in the channel along the slower current breaks (usually inside bends). While sucker has been a go to bait, goldeye has been producing some great fish. With the unstable weather the fish are still a bit sluggish and sit times need to be at least 30 minutes to allow fish time to get in the mood to bite. We are right around the edge of the big pre spawn bite, the fish just need the weather to settle into something resembling stable.
    Red River
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  2. Beaver Bay

    Had a Nice two man limit from Beaver yesterday 5/19. Was pretty cold out with 37 degree water temps, lots of wind but no rain. Smallest was 15" biggest was 25". 18 feet of water

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  3. Lake Tschida

    My son and I took the boat out Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5:30. Tried everything from plastics, cranks, jig and minnow but actually slow death won the most bites. East end of the lake was 47 degrees and West was 52. Went home with 9 eyes (14-21") and one big white bass. Lots of small ones out there still.
    Lake Tschida
  4. NewTown area - Sak

    Fished around Beacon and ***house. I think we kept 5 and threw a few back. Just fished for a few hours this afternoon. I saw a ton of fish on the side imaging, but they were lethargic. Thinking a sunny day might fire them up.

    46 degree water where we were.
    All were caught on minnows.
    Lake Sakakawea
  5. western sak

    another great day on the water yesterday... fished points and found fish to be cruising through at 20', compared to 14' or so last week... jig and minnows are all we used, and darker colors did best... water temp was still only 52* but we were marking fish all along the shorelines in around 20'...

    kept 15 between 15 and 20" and threw back several smaller and bigger in 3 hours of fishing... had several doubles and a couple triples... good times...
    Lake Sakakawea
  6. Sak - Douglas Bay

    Put in at Ft. Stevenson Tuesday afternoon ran west to Douglas Bay...fished about 4 hours-1 22 inch customer went back in the lake after a quick pic - water temps 46 on the main lake 51 up in bays...pulled cranks pitched plastics but alas fish would only bite ol reliable...jig & minnow...oh well - saw lots of bait fish marked quite a few but most tight to bottom...anyway was a great evening on the water...this weekend looks a little rough!Name:  Sak May 14.jpg
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    Lake Sakakawea
  7. West sak

    Launched at new town... went west to white earth bay and marked fish. Only fished 4 hours tonight and caught 7 and kept 3..( enough for me and the wife to have supper) lost a big fish at the boat as it was on the back hook hanging by a thread, shook once and she was off.... pulled cranks in 10-15 fow at 1.6 to 1.9 water temp was warmer at white earth than new town by 6 deg. Fun night though just me and the wife.
    Lake Sakakawea
  8. Beaver Bay

    Finally got the boat wet this year. Got in at Beaver at about 2:00. Caught at least a dozen in about 3 hours. Only had one under 14”. Most were 15-17”. 50/50 on jig or BB. Kept a nice limit of eaters. Great start to my open water season!
    Lake Oahe
  9. West Sak

    Pre fished Friday. We made the run out to Hoffland, Lund’s, and Tobacco Gardens. We caught fish in multiple places, and in a range of depths from 4-18 fow. It was a fun day.

    On Saturday, for the PFTF tournament, we had a tough time scratching out fish in our spots. We ended up with 9 lbs and change. 👎👎 The ride out was rough, and the ride back was WORSE! Talk about a beating. I woke up Sunday morning and felt like I had an intense leg day at the gym.
    A buddy almost swamped his boat on the way back. He speared a wave and said it dove like a submarine. Didn’t ...

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    Lake Sakakawea
  10. canel lakes

    hit the canel lakes today for the first time since early march. must of been about a dozen boats out trying there luck. i netted a two northerns two smallies and three walleyes one was 25 inches, water temp was 52 to 56
    New Johns Lake
  11. Red River at Grand Forks is Below Flood Stage

    The Red at Grand Forks fell below flood stage in the past couple hours. I suspect there is a ton of cleanup at the landings and would not count on the two Grand Forks ramps opening before Friday. With the continued fast falling water fishing won't be that great anyway for a few more days.

    What's ahead- I plan to start poking around on Monday and guiding on Thursday or Friday. New guide site

    Next Wednesday May 15, will be opening night of the Catfish League at the North Landing (EGF won't be ready yet) if you want to join please come ...
  12. Missouri South of Bismarck

    Any activity South of Bismarck near Desert - Mclean bottoms - Hazelton - Beaver bay - Cattail bay ? Was planning to take my son out fishing next week.
    Lake Oahe
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