1. Tailrace, again.

    3 of us hit the Tailrace today.
    We had a pretty fun day. We caught a handful of HUGE carp, 1 burbot, 1 rainbow trout, a handful of catfish, some cisco, and some 'eyes. We kept 9 walleye on the day, using jiggin' raps by the spillway.

    Water was 58-60 degrees. It was a real nice day to be on the water.
    Missouri River
  2. Tailrace

    A couple of us hit the Tailrace this morning. We only fished for a couple of hours, and ended up with six nice 'eyes. Finally got the tin can river rat boat on the water. I can happily report that no issues arose.

    We were using jiggin' raps.
    Missouri River
  3. The Hook

    Tough bite for us today, and way too hot out for this guy. We ground it out regardless. We ended up keeping six, and threw back 10-12 smaller ‘eyes. Caught a nice pike and plenty of white bass, again.

    We found our fish mostly in 18-20 fow.

    I’ll give ‘er another go tomorrow.
    Lake Sakakawea
  4. NewTown area - Sak

    Fished around Beacon and ***house. I think we kept 5 and threw a few back. Just fished for a few hours this afternoon. I saw a ton of fish on the side imaging, but they were lethargic. Thinking a sunny day might fire them up.

    46 degree water where we were.
    All were caught on minnows.
    Lake Sakakawea
  5. West Sak

    Pre fished Friday. We made the run out to Hoffland, Lund’s, and Tobacco Gardens. We caught fish in multiple places, and in a range of depths from 4-18 fow. It was a fun day.

    On Saturday, for the PFTF tournament, we had a tough time scratching out fish in our spots. We ended up with 9 lbs and change. 👎👎 The ride out was rough, and the ride back was WORSE! Talk about a beating. I woke up Sunday morning and felt like I had an intense leg day at the gym.
    A buddy almost swamped his boat on the way back. He speared a wave and said it dove like a submarine. Didn’t ...

    Updated 05-13-2019 at 07:42 AM by Vollmer

    Lake Sakakawea
  6. Audubon

    A few of us fished Audubon, Sunday evening. We ended up catching 8 walleye, and a few pike. All on jig/minnow. We were fishing pretty shallow, in 5-10 fow.
    Lake Audubon
  7. West Sak

    Fished a little bit on Friday, after some break-in time. Fished in the Hunts Along area. 36 degree water. Found 40 way back in the bay. Marked a fair amount of fish. Did not fish much, as we were figuring out the boat.

    My uncle caught his limit spot-locking on a pod and jigging.

    Sounds like it is pretty much ice free now. The Hook should also be ice free any day now.
    Lake Sakakawea
  8. Mouse River

    Hit the Mouse in Minot for about an hour and a half yesterday evening. Caught 3 table fare walleye. I was using jig/paddletail. The guy next to me was there longer, but caught his 5 with a jig/minnow.

    The current is just right for fishing.
  9. Deepwater

    Four of us went to Deepwater on west Sakakawea. A lot of snow, so we basically setup and hunkered down in two Otters, with a bunch of tip ups out. We were in a bay all by ourselves, and for good reason as it turns out. We were setup off of a sunken point in 24-26 fow. We caught a few cisco, a few pike, a perch, and one walleye.

    I like that area, and will be back.
    Lake Sakakawea
  10. DL Chain lakes

    Three of us went East for the day. Ended up with a steady bite most of the day. We were setup in what we feel is a traffic area. The fish would come through every 30-90 minutes, and we'd have a little flurry of marks and bites.

    Ended up with our 15 eaters, plus a few throwbacks, and a bonus perch.

    We were in about 6 fow. Where we were there was around 8-9" of ice. It wasn't that really good clear ice, but not horrible ice either.

    We caught fish about equal, between the dead sticks, jigging rods, and tip-ups.

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    Devils Lake
  11. Audubon

    A buddy and I caught a couple eyeballs on the east end.

    There is around 6" of what seemed to be good ice to me.
    Lake Audubon
  12. NewTown

    A few buddies, and myself, fished the NewTown area yesterday. We tried all over, starting way South of the bridge, then going North of the bridge, then back South.

    The further South the better, it seemed. We really did not even mark much North of the bridge.

    We ended up with a handful of nice eyes. We started by graphing in the 30 fow range, but the ones we found were actually in the 15-17 fow range.

    Jigging Raps was the best for us.

    Side note: I had a buddy that did well on 8lb Sunday.
    Lake Sakakawea
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