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  1. Longtine's Avatar
    Awesome shirt.....very nice Eye....need to work on the smile, way to serious for a guy in the middle of a lake holding a fish like that

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  2. jdinny's Avatar
    fished van hook fri-sun. fishing cont to be very good. fish have moved deeper and there is more smaller fish showing up. We fished waaay north into the arm sunday morning and decided to give em cranks. we fished with flicker minnow 11 as well as flicker shad 5 with a 3oz snap. the quality of fish was significantly better with cranks. for whatever reason they wanted the small crank as we caught all 9 fish off the flicker shad 5 and 3oz snap combo. we only fished maybe 90 mins. but we boated a 26" fish and 3 over 22'" with cranks. we targeted 25ft with cranks and big flats there was not loads up fish but you caught what your marked.

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  3. Mudygmc's Avatar
    Anybody have any good info further west? I'm in the Tioga area and see lots of boats running around but haven't heard much. Get some days off work this week and would like to head out and get a meal or two. Any info would be great.

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  4. Vollmer's Avatar
    I almost want to take this post back, because last night and this morning we caught good numbers of nice walleye in 6-10 fow, pulling cranks.

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  5. Vollmer's Avatar
    I think it was a 21” fish, and I’ll never be on Ahab’s level … ever … in my whole life.

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  6. Vollmer's Avatar
    Saw the shirt in a store, and thought “oh, that’s me”.

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  7. tikkalover's Avatar
    That's a 14" fish. He hasn't gotten his "Ahab" picture taking skills perfected yet.

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  8. CatDaddy's Avatar
    Thanks for the report! Not sure which is better, the fish or your shirt!

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  9. Brett58852's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jdinny
    oh and we met a warden, just because they dont look like wardens doesnt mean they arent, hint hint......
    We had a game warden come out of nowhere on us the other day. We made a 20 mile trip south from the casino and only had our lines in the water for maybe 3 minutes before he pulled up on us. No doubt there was a little profiling going on considering I have a very unique boat and the warden is my neighbor. Whatever. They are just doing their jobs. I was only irritated that they followed us down to our spot knowing full well we hadn’t even dropped a line in yet. We checked all of the boxes and got the lines wet again before absolutely smoking the walleye. We doubled up multiple times pulling slow deaths and jumbo smiley blades. We switched to cranks just to see what we could irritate and did even better.
    I’d say we only fished for a couple hours before making the trip back with our 10 fish, which was great because it felt like it was 150 degrees without a breeze that day.

    10 FOW averaging .7-.8mph with the crawlers.
    10-13 FOW averaging 2.3mph with the cranks.

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  10. jdinny's Avatar
    Didn’t think fishing could get better than last wknd but boy oh boy… fish are still shallow 10-15ft despite water temps 77 degrees. Un believable the fishing in the arm yet.

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  11. NodakBuckeye's Avatar
    We did well too, everything we tried caught fish. Nice to be able to fish with family and get a few limits and have some fish to eat and give to family to take home.

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  12. jdinny's Avatar
    short hair i agree, my in laws have a place at the hook. i am fortunate to be able to fish it 30x a year or more. i have yet to stop at the cleaning station and give guys hell. if you wanna keep 13" fish go ahead if you wanna keep 24" walleyes go ahead its not my place to tell anyone what to keep or throw back. the self righteous attitude is sickening. i did grind some smaller fish a couple summers ago and a guy made a comment to me and my boys about keeping some small ones i said they came in 35ft of water and i keep what i catch out there and he replies "the pelicans gotta eat too." well to each there own i thought and grinded our fish and left.

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  13. IFishND's Avatar
    Gill em, zipper em, better tasting fellas. Some of us should have mercury poisoning for the amount of fish we eat.

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  14. 8andcounting's Avatar
    Totally off subject here but what is the law for out of staters , I’ll use Minnesota as an example, as far as taking fish home ? I’m a ND resident but at the campground I’m at I see tons of Minnesota residents taking 10 fish home each or more every weekend , but isn’t Minnesota a 6 fish limit in the freezer or how does that work?

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  15. shorthairsrus's Avatar
    I changed reg numbers due to that fact that my boat stays over night in sota land. I got harrassed at the cleaning station and Van Hook. I was cleaning and 5 feet away from me my wife putting the rods away from me in the boat. Some local yocal dudes said hey hey you got to many fish. I was ready to blow - but remained calm and said look at the plate on my truck; i have fished since i could hold a stick with line in this state i know the law and point to my wife 5 feet away. My thought on the whole worry about what someone else is taking - mind your own business. Keep in mind those fish could go poof if we a couple summers in a row like last year and backing on rocks to get boats in. I was a local yocal at DL for a sum of years. Cleaning station was a couple hundred yards from my camper. I never said shit to anyone about laws or what they do or dont do at the cleaning station. The cleaning station is for a beer and having some good conversations with people from all over.

    V H is awesome fishery. Had a lot of fun.

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  16. 8andcounting's Avatar
    I mostly pan fry but I’ve never had an issue , cook a lot on grill in tin foil too but mostly 14-16” fish maybe that makes a difference

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  17. BDub's Avatar
    When you deep fry walleye the small bones get cooked soft. On the grill not so much. At least that's what I found.

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  18. 8andcounting's Avatar
    Ok cool maybe I’ll try the zipper way this week . Thanks vollmer

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  19. Vollmer's Avatar
    When we bake them or make tinfoil fish the little bones are noticeable, for me.

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  20. 8andcounting's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vollmer
    We had multiple family groups down there for the week, and did some big fish fry's. I'll never apologize for keeping fish, as I know that what we keep gets eaten. We eat fish 4-5 times per week during the summer. Ate it every day on vacation. It's "free" food.

    I saw a warden down there multiple days. Heard of a couple of tickets for being over, but most of them were for zippering their fish, and therefore counting for double the amount of fish that was actually caught.

    I certainly do agree with your point, however.
    your doing it right and I enjoy your write ups ! Keep ‘em coming and keep the lines tight . I also eat fish several times a week during summer , nothing better ! However I’ve never zippered a walleye in my life … why ? I fry them . I should add I Never keep a walleye over 19” . My boat “rule” is the keepers are 14-19” but that’s just me

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