1. Walleye & Sauger

    3 of us went out to the New Town area, again. We started our search in 20-25 fow, but struggled to find decent numbers. Once we moved in, shallower, we found an abundance of fish on a river channel shoreline. We picked up most of our fish drift jigging, and drifting with bottom bouncers. Both minnows and crawlers worked. If the wind pushed us .8-1.0 mph, the crawlers did better, and if we were able to slow down to .4-.5 the minnows did better. While drifting, we caught fish from 4 fow to 18 fow, with a greater number of fish in the shallower depths.

    After we had our fill of ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. New Town - Lake Sakakawea

    A buddy and I went out to the New Town area on Sunday, and found a mess of post-spawn walleye. 50 degree water to start the day, that warmed up to a surface temp of 54 by the afternoon. We caught our fish on jig/minnow, lindy/minnow, and crankbaits. The fish sure seemed plump and healthy, and there is a large class of 16-19" fish in the system.

    More info in the video:
    Lake Sakakawea

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