1. Lake Tschida

    Went out for a few hours today by Myself. 4 walleye and 6 white bass. Got the 4 keeper walleye in the first hour than spent another 3 hours trying to get the last one but couldn't close the deal. 8 of the fish on a jig and paddle tail and the other 2 on crawler and smile blade. Where ever you run into the white bass they are big and plentiful.
    Lake Tschida
  2. Lake Tschida

    I have ice fished this lake with hit or miss success in the past but always wondered what the night bite was like. My son and i planned an all niter for this last sat. Got set up about 3pm and started very slow with us not catching a fish till close to 8pm. We did manage to get a limit but it was a grind. Didnt seem like any particular time period had a flurry of activity but managed to pick off a fish every 45 to 90 mins all night long with the bite slowing down after about 8am sun morning. Got alot of dinks that this lake is known for but did get a couple 15 inchers and 3 more between 17 and ...
    Lake Tschida
  3. Beaver Bay Oahe

    Caught a 2 man limit today south of Beaver in 25' to 35' on edges of the main channel. Caught them on lindys and jigs with worms, leeches and minnows with the majority of them coming on jigs and minnows.
    Lake Oahe
  4. Audoban

    Just got back from fishing 3 days at Audoban. Had the house on 15 ft deep off of an island. We got our limits the first 2 days but yesterday was alot slower. Most fish were small barely big enough to keep but did manage to get 2 that were between 3 and 4 lbs. Ice is probably around 13 inches.
    Lake Audubon

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