1. Devils 7/31 - 8/1

    Went out with a buddy this weekend. Set up the camper at Graham's. First time I'd ever stayed there, and boy is it a nice place. Brand new cleaning station, too. Pretty slick.

    Anyway, forecast called for increasing wind Saturday, so we went out right at sunrise to beat it. Took a while to find fish, but we did the normal 13-under dink search before chipping away at eater eyes. Got our limit right as the wind got bad.

    Tried the same spot Sunday morning, which was a lot calmer. Found fish again, and did the same sorting to get eater eyes.

    Ticket was BBs trailing ...
    Devils Lake
  2. Frustrating fun on Ashtray

    Took my boy out to Ashtray on Sunday. Weather was darn near perfect. Clarity is amazing for that lake this year. We didn't get there at the best time (late morning) and had to leave before the dusk bite. But we managed a nice eater walleye and two jumbos. Lost one more walleye right under the ice, which really stung as we had a few dozen marks come up to my jig and then go back down again. Frustrating fishing, but tons of fun. We're both really looking forward to getting out again soon!

    Lake Ashtabula
  3. Red didn't disappoint

    Hit the Red a block from the house for about an hour on Saturday. Apparently it was walleye opener somewhere?? Whatever. We picked a couple dozen crawlers from the yard, then hit the bank. First cast with his snoopy pole yielded a scrappy goldeye, which I promptly chunked and baited on our kitty rods. The cats were hungry, to say the least. First fish of the day was 12-15, and actually was part of a double. The second cat was south of 6 pounds. Rebaited and 15 minutes later had another cat in the 12-15 range. Called it a day when our empty stomachs got the better of us.

    The cats ...
    Red River
  4. An hour of fun on the Red

    Took my son out for about an hour Sunday. Started by drenching the backyard with the garden hose to pick nightcrawlers. Then we packed a lunch, grabbed our gear and the dogs, and I toted him in the green wagon a few blocks to the river. Weren't there 15 minutes and he caught a nice little carp. Promptly filleted it up and threw a chunk on a circle hook for something bigger. As luck would have it, a willing kitty provided my son's first river fishing experience a memory he wont' soon forget. Did notice a bunch of frogs out on the way home, so next time we'll play "catch some bait" first ...

    Updated 07-24-2017 at 09:42 AM by Vollmer

    Red River
  5. Minnesota Crappie Stomp

    Hit a little 250-acre lake near Fergus. Took my son and grandfather out. Surprisingly quiet landing and lake despite plenty of sun and nice weather.

    Kid started with a slip bobber and jig with a worm on my vintage Snoopy Pole. He caught a few sunnies, but spent most of the day tending to the worms and investigating the fish in the live well. Grandpa was dragging something around through the weeds. Eventually convinced him to switch over to my rig and he began catching fish. I was using a little jig spinner. Found a couple crappies in shallow near the pads, but it was slow. Moved ...

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