1. Lake Tschida

    My son and I took the boat out Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5:30. Tried everything from plastics, cranks, jig and minnow but actually slow death won the most bites. East end of the lake was 47 degrees and West was 52. Went home with 9 eyes (14-21") and one big white bass. Lots of small ones out there still.
    Lake Tschida
  2. Indian Hills

    Fished Sat (8/11) out of Indian Hills from 9:30 until about noon. While sitting outside waiting for the kids to wake up I could hear most boats were headed West so I thought I'd go against the grain and head East. I stayed on the North shore going point to point looking for active fish anywhere from 18 to 40 feet. When I found them I'd whip around and fish them. Slow death with helicopter prop won the most bites. They're still out there just have to find them!
    Lake Sakakawea
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  3. Sibley lake

    Wife and kids are sick of just sitting in the boat with the high waters (no beaches) on the big lake. Thinkin about headed to sibley to fish and play on sat. Have the eyes been biting out there this summer at all where I can get a fix too?
    Sibley Lake
  4. Hazen/beulah bay?

    Takin the wife and kids out there after a bday party next weekend. Do we head west from there or can a guy pick apart points to find a few? Thanks for any general advise!!
    Lake Sakakawea

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