1. Lake Darling

  2. East East End/Mallard area

  3. East End From Embankment to Centennial

    Sluggish since the weather been messed up since Friday, wind blew 30 all damn weekend. Monday was finally nice out. Bite is slow here so far, but they are here if you put the work in. Nice n fat. Give it another week.
    Lake Sakakawea
  4. Minot Area River

    Something about a jig n a minnow or gulp and some water, with eyes mixed in there. Shhhhhhh.....Don't let the secret out.
  5. East End 8/10

    Well, unloaded early this morning and hit the east end. Ran around for a bit with the electronics right away until it said bingo. Down went the cranks, in came the fish. Everybody we seen was pretty much live baiting and swatting bugs in the non existent wind. Fish are a bit deeper. Twas hot out there today, but a beautiful day it was.
    Lake Sakakawea
  6. East End

    Ez fishing on east end. Launched out of centennial and went all over. There is a huge sunken island that is out at the big point where you would come out of stenke and head to ft stevenson. If you've fished the low water days you will know what im talking about. Find that and you will have a backup plan for when everything elsi isn't working. Didn't matter where we went, fish were caught. Good eaters no wall hangers this trip. Crawlers with lindys, spinners, jigs. Cranks worked too, flicker minnows and shads. Centennial finally updated their grinder at the fish cleaning station along with a new ...
  7. East End Saturday 7-11

    Saturday was a good day on the east end, for us anyways. The bite never stopped until we loaded up around 3ish. She was getting pretty toasty out and had to get back to town for other obligations. Id'a stayed out all day and evening if I could have, the day was perfect weather, nice lil chop out there. We were on the water by 7 in the morning or so. Lots of boats out, seen a few people catching some here and there but nobody was really smashin em in any particular spot that we seen. We ran ALL over the area, pretty much picked up fish every spot we hit. No monsters today by any means but some ...
  8. Parshall/Vanhook

    Due to some unforseen circumstances I'm late to the party. Bumper boats south of Parshall ramp. Casey's? Live report, we will see what happens.
    Lake Sakakawea
  9. The Hook

  10. Minot Area River Action

    Ok so I haven't wet a line at all this year since winter. Couldn't go any longer so decided to go pitch some jigs down by Cloverdale. The good news is my braided line (river line only for my preference) held up since last year. The bad news is I could not seal the deal on the one or 2 bites I had within the hour I was there. Threw jigs and minnows along with some Gulp. Bites came on the Gulp. No fish but it was nice to get out there with my brother for an hour or so and get the lines out. I'm not much of a river fisherman so my expectations were low. Upon driving by and doing a little recon of ...

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