1. East Devils Lake

    Fished East DL Saturday 7/27 worms and blue or chartreuse spinners/smiles produce best. overall fish were small. Seemed like the majority of the fish were in the 21-23 fow
    Devils Lake
  2. Devils Lake west end

    Fished 7/20 & 7/21 tons of small fish with decent eaters hard to come by. Propeller blades or regular spinners with a 1/2 crawler or leach worked well for the lil guys. Tried anywhere from 9'- 22' seemed like a lil bigger fish in deeper water. Tried snap weights and cranks in the deeper water without a bite...
    Devils Lake
  3. Beulah Bay 7/13-7/14

    Walleye fishing was inconsistent with several small fish in 14-19 feet and bigger fish anywhere from 33-40 feet. Tried cranks/ slipbobber & spinners / smiles behind BBs. Lots of Smallies & pike in shallow on cranks and slipbobbers. For walleyes we managed 1 25", 1 24.5, 2 22" 3- 15-17" and severalslipbobber. All the 22" + walleyes came in deeper water.
    Lake Sakakawea

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