1. Van Hook 6/11

    The old man and I went out to the hook yesterday. Had to stay fairly close to the ramp just in case I was called out to work. We stayed in the northern part of the arm and targeted 10-14 FOW around a (formerly) submerged island. Water temp was around 61 degrees.
    We had minnows, crawlers, and leeches in the water, but once again crawlers were the winner for the day and .8-1.0mph seemed to be the speed they liked.

    These two rigs were easily the best performers for us.
    https://www.legendarytacklecompany.c...&category_id=2 ...
  2. New Town 5/27

    Dad and I decided to run down to New Town on Friday morning hoping to beat the wind and rain. We didn't get on the water until about 9 but had a pretty good outing with 8 of our 10 fish being caught in the first 2 hours. After that we decided to try another spot because it was starting to get a bit crowded. Headed to a new spot and spent the next 2 hours catching our last 2 fish. Holy smokes are the fish in the system healthy.

    At the first spot we targeted 16-22 fow pulling prop rigs and crawlers. Dad had 2 fish in the well before I even got a damn line wet. These two rigs ...
  3. The Hook

    Yea Yea I know catching walleye in Van Hook is so easy that if you can't do it you should probably sell your gear.... Oh well, here's a report...

    Fished last Friday and Saturday. Saturday was the Warriors On The Water event.

    We found our fish anywhere from about 13' to 30'. Bigger fish came further south with crawlers being the most productive.

    Friday we kept 7 between 16 and 20" with one throwback at 26" before we had to get off the water for prior engagements.
    Saturday we kept our 15 and threw back quite a few smaller ones. The ...
  4. Van Hook

    Hit the hook today with my brother and my father. Fished from about 7:15 am until about 1pm. Caught a lot of fish, but most were small. For every 1 keeper we had to throw back 5 smalls. Ended up keeping 9 with most being 18-22". Had to fish deep to get into fish. 28-30' was where we had our best luck. Minnows and Crawlers dominated the day for us. Water temp was up to 67 everywhere we fished.

    A Blue/silver diamond smile with 3 white beads and a minnow under it worked best today, with a motor oil smile and 3 green beads with a crawler on a death hook under it coming ...
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    Lake Sakakawea
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  5. 7/2 Van Hook

    Hit the Hook on the 2nd. Fished 22-30 FOW and managed to get 19 keepers that were 16"-20" between the 4 of us. My nephew caught a nice 29" eye that we released. Crawlers and leeches both worked well and for us chartreuse seemed to be the color that had to be used that day. Ended up having some issues with my minnkota terrova so we decided to call it a day without limiting. Now it's time to troubleshoot.
    Lake Sakakawea
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  6. Van Hook 6/23/18

    Hit the Hook on Saturday morning for a couple hours. Didn't have to run very far to find fish. We did have to fish a bit deeper than I normally fish, but once we got into 22' of water we did very well. We ended the day with our limit of 10 between 16" and 22"... My brother also caught and released a very healthy 27". I'll post a pic of it when I get it on my computer. Leeches and crawlers were the ticket with a gold smileblade out-producing everything. All total we caught around 30 fish in 4 hours.

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    Lake Sakakawea
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  7. Van Hook 8-28-2017

    Hit Van Hook today. It has been more than 2 weeks since I was able to get out last and boy have things changed! I hit shell first, found lots of fish, just couldn't get much for bites. Managed 1 16" eye off shell. After that I ran down to Independence point and pulled a couple more 17" eyes. Decided to run back north to 8# island and had a little better luck there. Pulled a few fish fairly quick up there. Right before the fish picked up on 8# the breeze picked up just a tad which made the bugs more bearable.

    What produced the best for me was minnows. Chartreuse ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  8. Van hook

    Hit the hook for a couple days. Fished yesterday and had a 4 man limit in 3.5 hours. 20-27' neon green hooks and prop blades did the trick.

    Today was another story. Didn't get out till almost 11. Fished the same spot but they wouldn't touch anything with a prop blade on it. Switched them all to smile blades and then we hammered them. My nephew pulled a 29" to end the day. Had to head in and put it on ice.
    Lake Sakakawea
  9. Van Hook 7-20-2017

    Hit Van Hook yesterday. Got about an hour of fishing in before my trolling motor batteries crapped out. Managed to box a couple very healthy 18" eyes and threw back half a dozen that were around 13". Crawlers on the edge of a submerged island in about 26-30' is what was working for us. Once the batteries crapped out we tried back trolling with the drift sock out but couldn't get under 1.3mph so it was no good. I've been having pretty good luck down there lately with a neon green gamakatsu octopus hook and a whole crawler hanging off the back.
    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Van Hook 8-2-16

    Took one of my Co-workers out for hist first ever walleye outing. I think pretty much anywhere you go, the fish are still biting. We targeted 18-23 fow pulling death rigs with prop blades and pulled our limits of very nice fish. .8mph was our speed.
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    Lake Sakakawea
  11. 6-30-16 Van Hook

    To say the Hook is Hot Hot Hot might be an overstatement, but if you take the time to find them, the fish are definitely there. Fished a submerged island today and picked up a limit of eyes. 16 FOW was the best depth to be in and Crawlers on death rigs were the only thing I even tried. Speed didn't matter so much as I caught fish anywhere from .6 mph to 1.3 mph. Get out early, where I was fishing, they stopped biting right at about 9:15am and they were pretty tight lipped for a while.
    Lake Sakakawea
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  12. 6/16 New Town area

    Took dad out to the New Town area on Sak. Took us a couple hours to find the fish but once we found them we did well. Ended up in 12-15 FOW pulling death rigs and crawlers and jigs with crawlers. Both options worked. Got off the water in the afternoon with 8 of them ranging from 16"-22". They liked the color white. White jig or a white bead in front of the death hook performed better than a bare death hook or a red bead in front of a death hook.
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    Lake Sakakawea
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