1. New Town

    Fished Saturday and Sunday for about 2 hours each trip. It was borderline miserable with the heat so we opted to spend most of each day swimming with the niece and nephew.
    Went about a mile west of antelope flats on Saturday and got into a bad rash of catfish pulling crawlers/spinners. Every time the pole wiggled it was a catfish on the end of the line. Talk about frustrating. Only one small walleye on the whole pass.
    Sunday we pulled cranks from Hunts Along down to Diamondhead. We marked a ton of fish and caught a handful of nice walleye in the 26’ to 23’ depth range. We saw a lot ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. Van Hook 7/31

    First time fishing Van Hook this year and it went so-so. We hit the water at 6:10am and we’re drowning worms on the south side of Shell Island by 6:30. There wasn’t a single boat out there besides us which was kind of odd, but like I said, this was my first time at Van Hook this year so maybe something has changed from years past.
    We marked a ton of fish between 18’-20’ and not a single taker pulling smile blades, props, or Montana rigs. Decided to throw jigging raps on our way back and hardly saw a mark the whole run.
    By then the boats were stacking up on the west side from Pouch ...
    Lake Sakakawea

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