1. Tackle Box found along Hwy 25

    If you have lost your prized possessions and want them back, contact me and describe the box and at least some of the tackle. Will be happy to get it back to you.
  2. Dawson Steele Area ice conditions

    Planning to take some family out fishing this week and would really like to not have to trailer the 4 wheeler. After the recent super cold snap thinking ice is probably safe for pickup driving everywhere but doesn't hurt to ask.
    The target lakes as of now are Sibley, Jasper, Silver, Woodhouse. Unless the tight lipped ice fishing nation is willing to break rank and point me in a different direction.....
  3. Oahe??

  4. Sibley or Josephine

    Have intentions of fishing one or possibly both lakes tomorrow. Can anyone tell me if I can still get around with the truck or has the snow gotten too deep and ATV will be needed? Tight Lines!
    Sibley Lake
  5. DeepWater/Van Hook

    Myself and two others went out of Deepwater this past Saturday. Started at Independence Island with limited success. Moved to Independence Point no fish. Moved to the west end of Shell. ALOT of boats there. Picked up a couple more. (don't raise a net or you'll mobbed). Sorry I won't fish like that. Moved to 8lb, found a few more. East end of Shell nothing. Slides, nothing. Made one final move to Sheephead found one more. Ended at 4 pm two short of a limit. Everything was in 30ft. Tried spinners, smiles, jigging raps, they seemed to like slow death or snell hook best. Beautiful day, great company, ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  6. Holmes Lake near Turtle Lake

    Curious if anyone has been out to Holmes lately? Fished it earlier this year with limited success.
  7. Woodhouse Lake acessibility

    Has anyone been on Woodhouse lately? Would like to fish this lake this weekend, but driving 90 miles to find I can't get on the ice would really suck. I have an ATV, no tracks, so I'm not totally helpless.

    Or am I wasting my time because the fish are so tight lipped.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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