1. Dumb idea...

    Not precisely sure what's up with wading/shorefishing in the MO this fall. Either I am stinking it up (which is surely a possibility) or the fish are being ultra uncooperative.

    Fished last night from about 8:30 PM until about 11:15 PM. Wind blasting out of the north (at my back, but it was truly a bastage), 32 degrees and snowflakes in the air.

    Caught nothing. One hard whack at a little after 10.

    Not even my cuffs were able to entice a fish.

    That is all.

    Missouri River
  2. Garrison Dam Tailrace - 9-11-18

    Fished from shore on east rocks, close to the north end. About 10 or 12 casts south of the barbed wire fence. Arrived about 9:30 PM and fished until a little after 1 AM. Tried pitching jigs with white plastics, green plastics, and silver gray plastics. Nothing. Tried throwing various cranks. Nothing.

    Quit from a little after 1, until about 4:45 AM and hit it again. Threw the kitchen sink. Nothing.

    Clearly, I need more practice.

    I had two or three bites, and caught one carp.

    Go get 'em boys. I did what I could, but I left them all there. ...
    Missouri River
  3. Heskett Station, Mandan - Missouri River

    It would seem that the spring bite is petering out. Started out great guns back in March, then went south for a couple of months as and after the water rose. Water remains very high. Been wading a time or two each week, all spring. Mostly evening and at night, mostly pitching cranks. Last Friday went out late, and managed 4 fish, one at 18" and others smaller. Kept none. Nice night though, in spite of the massive lightning storm that crossed from West to East maybe 10 miles north of town.

    The past month has resulted in 3 to 4 fish most night, most in the 15" range. ...
    Missouri River
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  4. Garrison Dam Tailrace 7-8-16

    Fished the tailrace last Friday evening. Tough fishing. We left the ramp at about 7:30 PM. Pulled floating cranks south of the honey-hole, both up stream and down. Missed one rainbow right away, then nothing until close to 10:30 PM. Picked up a 5+ lb rainbow at dusk.

    Pitched white gulp, as well as drifted three-ways in the fast water, from 11:00-ish until 2:00-ish in the morning. Not a bite.

    Finished by jigging in the honey hole for about 45 minutes, with plastics and crawlers. Picked up one smallish catfish.

    Not a stellar night, but the weather ...
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    Missouri River
  5. Missouri River Tailrace

    As a land-based fisherman, even though the weather was nearly perfect, the fishing was tough this morning at the race. Lots and LOTS of smelt laying in the water, and nothing eating them. Not even the birds. Jigged the east rocks, threw some cranks for a while, practiced my knot-tying. Nothing to show for my efforts.
    Missouri River
  6. Saturday morning

    Early this past Saturday morning (9-18-15)(5:00 AM) the water in the race was low, but the ramp was usable. Probably just as well that we couldn't see what we floated over, on the way away from the ramp.

    Lots of catfish (12+), one small tagged walleye, one each Chinook and rainbow - each maybe 2 lbs). Not a bad morning. All fish came on a variety of crawlers and small white or gray cranks. All in the chutes. After it got light, got one small pike in front of the campground.

    Several pike on Sakakawea, couple decent smallies, couple salmon. Lost one to a sharp s/s ...
    Missouri River
  7. Friday night Garrison Dam Tailrace

    Better than some, not as good as two weeks ago. Boat-fished from about 6:30 until about midnight, between the downstream camping area up to the orange line of death. Picked up two decent rainbows on slow-death rigged with crawlers, and one small Chinook the same way. At dusk we moved up into the fast water. Picked up two catfish in the first 5 minutes, then nothing for a long time. Last fish of the night was a lone skipjack on a #13 blue floater on a three-way rigs.

    Not as good as it's been, but perhaps better fishing is right around the corner, as some say.

    Definitely ...
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    Missouri River

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