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  1. Missouri River Near Bismarck

    Fished the river just north of Bismarck yesterday, September 14th. Boated one eater-size walleye and lost a few others on a jig and Gulp! minnow. Fish were hiding in 10 to 20 feet of water behind a submerged wing dam. It was hard to fish for them in all of the turbulence. Water temp was 58 F.

    Boat motor has been vibrating a bit the past couple of trips out. Changed the prop and problem solved.

    -Creek Chub
    Missouri River
  2. Island Lake Kayak Fishing

    Drove halfway across the continent to kayak fish Island Lake. Managed one fat walleye each with heavy effort. Couldn't find any spots deeper than 8 feet and water temps were 77 F. North end of lake was 5 feet deep maximum and 80 F. We saw walleye up in the weeds in 3 feet of water but couldn't figure out how to target them. Gravel launch area is good for canoes and small hand-launch craft and access is good compliments of landowner.
  3. Salmon Report

    Bottom line up front (BLUF): No salmon were harmed and it was windy enough to blow the dog off the chain.

    Fished from Government Bay to the dam at all depths and with various tackle from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. No salmon, one goldeye. Water temp was 61 F. As the afternoon wore on the wind shifted to the northeast gusting into the 30s and blowing spray off the top of the swells at times. Holed up in the wind shadow of Mallard Island and tried for some walleye on jigs. No takers. The downwind run back to the ramp was exciting with the large swell, which was about the upper limit ...
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    Lake Sakakawea
  4. Every Dog Has His Day; Missouri River Bismarck Area

    After getting skunked the first few outings this year, and in despair deep enough to consider selling the boat, I found some hungry walleye yesterday in the Bismarck area. Went back this afternoon and boated 16 walleye and 1 goldeye between 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The last few minnows in the bucket were harder to catch than the walleye that fell for them. They were still biting when I left.

    Water temp was about 47 F. Flows are higher than I've seen them in 3 years. The fish were deep and the males were milting. Got em' all on jigs and minnows. They were all small. Yesterday ...
  5. Kayak Fishing Braun Lake

    Went kayak-fishing at Braun Lake with the Bismarck Paddlers group on Sunday morning. All the ingredients were present for fine day of walleye fishing--except for the walleye, which proved too wily to catch. Managed one small perch.

    Headed to Goose Lake on the way home for some perch and northern pike fishing. Didn't catch any.

    Yesterday stopped below the dam on the Cheyenne River at the town of Fort Ransom. Cast jigs and minnows. Didn't catch anything but lost a couple of jigs to snags. ...
  6. Skunked at New Johns Lake

    Took Mom out in the boat at New Johns today. Tried jigging, trolling cranks, casting for bass, and for panfish. Didn't get a bite. Talked to one other boater who allegedly also didn't get a bite. But we saw some bass in the canal and some carp were breaching so fish are real and actually exist.

    Water temp was 54 F, clarity good.

    -Creek Chub

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    New Johns Lake
  7. Kayak Fishing Lake Geneva

    Launched my kayak at Lake Geneva near Steele, ND and proceeded to catch nothing. Guy in a boat caught nothing either. Water clarity was decent. Lots of 3/4" amphipods (scuds) around so maybe the fish are full up on them, if fish exist. Water temp was 51 F.

    -Creek Chub

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  8. The party is over at Alkaline Lake

    Took the afternoon off, de-winterized the boat, and went to fish Alkaline Lake. The water temp was about 48 degrees and clarity was poor. We jigged and trolled crankbaits to no avail. Only saw a couple of marks on the fish finder. Other boats reported one or two fish per boat. Sad!

    Also fished Lake Sakakawea for salmon again a couple of weeks ago. Got nothin'. Fished the Missouri River near Bismarck a week or so ago too and caught zero walleye but one very nice northern pike.

    -Creek Chub
  9. Skunked last two attempts at Lake Sakakawea salmon

    Hey all,

    About two weeks ago we tried for salmon along the face of Garrison Dam and along the Riverdale bluffs to Government Bay. No takers. This past weekend I was up there again on Friday evening and Saturday morning and evenings and again got no takers. What am I doing wrong? I tried everything I had behind the downrigger and there wasn't even a bite.

    Am I reading the sonar display correctly? In the screen grabs below are those smelt at the 100+ foot range with salmon loitering slightly above them? The horizontal line in some of the images is my downrigger ...

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    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Beaver Bay - Got nothin'

    Took the boat to Beaver Bay on Lake Oahe. Only caught my index finger and a channel catfish, both of which were released. The water in Beaver Bay, east of the bridge, was close to 80 F at the surface. The water was murky everywhere, maybe on account of the recent rains. The walleye, if they exist, were not interested in my jigs and minnows, jigs and worms, or in crankbaits trolled for miles in all depths.

    -Creek Chub
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    Lake Oahe
  11. Missouri River Channel Catfish

    Launched at Schmidt Bottom today and found some slack water filled with fat channel catfish. Rigged Gulp! worms beneath bobbers and couldn't keep em' off. Kept some for the frying pan and left lots of them in the river. Chatted with some friendly kayakers and a fellow boater back at the ramp. It was a great day on the water, not too hot, no wind, and everyone was chill.

    -Creek Chub
  12. Little Heart River Walleyed Pike

    Put in at Sibley Park (no dock) and motored south to the Little Heart River. Pulled out a decent walleye, lost another at the boat, and then headed in to beat the approaching lightning. Jigs and Gulp! worms continue to produce. There is lots of good juvenile fish habitat down in that stretch of river this year on account of the high water levels and flooded vegetation.

    -Creek Chub
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