1. Van Hook, 7/8 and 7/10

    I fished out of the Hook on Th and Saturday. Did decent both days, on Th it was just my stepdad and I. We fished the northwest area from the RR trestle over to Littlefield's bay. Nothing big, and certainly not fast and furious but we put a limit in the well of 14-16" fish using crawlers and leeches on spinners in 18+ ft of water.

    On Saturday we also had my brother-in-law with and we zipped all the way down to Shell to start the morning. Stepdad really was on his game to start the morning with a FAT 30" walleye. Ended up having to keep her as she just wasn't gong to survive. ...

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    Lake Sakakawea
  2. Hazelton

    Fish are biting at Hazelton. I've been down there the past couple of days along with about a dozen other boats.

    In the traditional deep water at Hazelton, it would look like the smaller fish are plentiful. I say an awful lot of 20 inch fish being drug up out of 20+ ft of water. You go shallower and you find fewer, but larger fish.

    I tried pulling cranks both days, on day 1 they quit biting just as I showed up (and the sun went behind the clouds). On day 2, the fish were active, but slow. Even though it was slow I ended up with 3 above 20 inches today. I couldn't ...
    Missouri River
  3. My summer in a nutshell.

    I went out late Sunday afternoon on a small lake in central ND. Just the dog and I, and about 3 other boats on the water. Using spinners and crawlers, I ended up catching a 35 and 37 (or was it 37 and 39??) pair of pike that each put up one hell of a fight. Lucky hook job on both to keep the line away from their teeth. Then just as I was getting ready to leave, I caught a 25 inch walleye.

    Just another day on the water that I went home with no fish. Damnit!
  4. Audubon

    The kids and I went to Audubon yesterday. We had originally planned on putting in and fishing out of Wolf Creek, but the wind encouraged us to find calmer seas.

    Started out near the embankment and only had little perch nibbles on spinners tipped with crawlers, generally in the 30 ft depth range. Ended up heading farther east and while the bite did pick up farther to the east, it was still pretty slow as we only caught two walleyes. and a few small perch.

    The day was so mediocre that I ended up having to keep this one after reeling it in from over 30 ft of water. ...
    Lake Audubon
  5. Central Sak

    Dumped the Toon in at Dakota Waters yesterday morning and headed west. Stopped in at Renner and Beaver Creek bays for a little while with not much to talk about for action. Saw lots of boats and only a few fish being caught. We were pulling crawlers on spinners in 13-30 ft of water in a search pattern. With just one fish in the well, we headed to the north shore to see if the wind was blowing the bite that direction. Uh, nope. We fished from Nishu over to Indian Hills. While we got a few bites on crawlers, it was SLOW, SLOW, SLOW. Ended up throwing on some cranks and pulled them in 13-20 ...

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    Lake Sakakawea
  6. Mallard Island/Scoria Bay

    The kids and I hit up Sak for the first time this year. We put in at Sakakawea State Park, just because I haven't been there in 10 years. We fished a little on the west end of Mallard Island, Alcatraz, and over by Scoria Bay. Had a few light bites that we missed and ended up with a 4 inch perch and about a 9-10 lb pike over the course of 4 hours. I didn't expect to pound the fish, but that was a bad outing.

    We used spinners/slow death along with crawlers and leeches.
    Lake Sakakawea
  7. Van Hook, 8/12

    Put in at the Hook on Sunday the 12th around 0645. Wind was already whipping up the water pretty good at that point. Nonetheless, my two partners and I headed south on the Toon to Shell. Once we got to Shell we backtrolled with the Toon from out deep (48 ft) up into 13 ft of water. Got our first bites in the 15 ft range, easy to miss kind of bites. We had three nice eyes in the boat by 0730 using spinners and crawlers, some with and some without a slow death hook. By about 0830, the fishing really started to slow and between 1000 and 1100 we had maybe two bites. Called it a morning at 1100 ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  8. Van Hook on Sakakawea

    Went up to Van Hook this past weekend and we did very well both Saturday and Sunday with limits for all. Hot and windy on Saturday left us backtrolling and drifting spinners with crawlers. While I wouldn't say we had the fish jumping in the boat as we would catch 1-3, then sit for 45 minutes before another bite. Anyway, we ended up with some pretty nice stringers of fish, to include a 31" eye for the soon-to-be 80 year old stepdad. By far his biggest eye ever. We easily had one of the nicer stringers of fish at the cleaning station, but by no means does that suggest others weren't catching ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  9. Missouri near Bis

    Went out yesterday after a day of training (5/2/2017), I suppose we got on the river about 4:30 and headed north from Merriewethers. First stops up by Heskitt produced nothing, so we kept working our way toward Hoge. After 3 hours we finally found some active fish in 22 ft of water and filled a two-man limit of 14" fish with a few smaller ones tossed back using jigs and minnows. We were back at the ramp about 8:30, so fishing was pretty good once we found some that liked what we offered.

    Fairly chilly out there with the cloud cover and breeze. Remember to take a jacket! ...
    Missouri River
  10. Hazelton

    3 kids and I put in at Hazelton a little past noon on Sunday. Looks like fish are coming out of just about every depth. We worked 11-15 ft up closer to Eckroths and the kids caught 11 eyes and a northern in about 3 hours.

    We'd likely have stayed to kill a limit if the wind wouldn't have picked up. Just seems like the kids couldn't quite get the hookset in the wind. We were drifting with jigs.

    Good times!
    Missouri River

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