1. Spiritwood Lake

    Fished from 0630-0930 with my buddy @Chooch. Barely marked fish. Used jig/minnow, bottom bouncers, and a variety of other things. Fished everywhere from 1-25'. Thought we'd be able to grab at least a smallmouth bass or two, but it just wasn't working today.
    Spiritwood Lake
  2. Spiritwood Lake

    Took the day off and thought I'd give the new (used) boat it's real first fishing trip with my little guy. Launched at the South ramp and tootled around the corner to SW about 10:00. Figured i'd find water between 16-20FOW to set up the classic slip bobber with a plain hook and worm cuz a smallie can't seem resist them. Within a few seconds i set the hook and found what i thought may be a nice bass, so i told the little guy to reel it in only to have it swim under the boat. From there i took control and a few nice runs later we ended up with a fat 10lb pike sitting in the boat. It's always fun ...
    Spiritwood Lake
  3. Stober Lake

    Figured i'd give this lake NE of Denhoff a stab this morning. Never been on it, don't know how deep it is either, but i fished in 12fow from 830-11. Market a fish about every 10-20 minutes that would start at my lure for a long, long time but no takers. Tried a variety of lures all with the same result.

    Ice was 15".
  4. Lake Audubon - Nelson Bay

    Figured I'd give Nelson bay a try for the first time in my life yesterday. There are a couple random spots of open water as you drive to the north end of the bay, as well as one on the east end across from the parking area. Gotta love the rumble strips for all of two miles on the way in. Found a solid 8" of clear ice everywhere I fished between 9AM and 1:30PM, which was 5 different spots.

    I tried fishing off points, around points, and in flats from 10-22 FOW. Used a variety of spoons and chubby darters tipped with a head or even a full minnow at times. Marked three fish that ...
    Lake Audubon
  5. Hoffer Lake - McClusky Canal

    I fished the shores of the canal connected to Hoffer for the annual Fathers Day fishing tournament. Had some success with four walleye, all were under 12" but presented a hard bite. I do a lot of fishing in the canal off the rocks and in my kayak and it's been off this year compared to the last two years. Typically from mid-May thru the end of June I'd see the bass running in huge schools thanks to the ultra clear water. That hasn't been the case this year and the bite has proven it. On any given night I'd be able to catch anywhere from 8-20 bass in a 2 hour timeframe. This year they come ...
  6. Lightning Lake

    Tried my hand at some trout fishing yesterday morning (29April). Threw some rooster tails, jigged some nightcrawlers, and used the old faithful dead stick with a worm on a plain hook.

    My one and only bite came on the dead stick, but he tore off at the kayak. Nothing quite like reeling in a Bass, Pike, or Trout in a kayak. Wind picked up a little quicker than it was supposed to, which ended up making the kayak a little less manageable than i had hoped for fishing two lines.

    All in all a great time. I'll be back there to find my Trout dinner in the near future.
  7. Brekken Lake

    Fished from 1130-2PM in 14-18 FOW in the NW and SW portion of the lake. Marked a ton of fish, had a couple small perch bites, but didn't bring anything up through the hole. There were a couple other rigs out, one ice castle in the NE part of the lake. A couple guys came out with a quad/trailer combo and a small SUV. They tried fishing fishing the southern portion of the lake and both got stuck immediately, it didn't look fun but I was already exhausted from my next story.

    I spent about a full hour digging out at Lake Holmes earlier (if you saw me, please keep laughing). I have a ...
  8. Round Lake

    Fished Round Lake by Pettibone from roughly 1:30-3:30. Started marking a lot of fish right as I was ready to leave. Ended up with one small perch. Tried a variety of lures and they just weren't taking. Continued to a slough in the area of Williams Lake where there were a bunch of people fishing and tried it there til dark. Only caught one fish, but it was a nice perch so I cooked it for dinner last night.

    Still having a hell of a time locating fish and catching fish this year. Tracks needed at both locations unless you want to use the good ole man made two leg cart like myself for ...
  9. Woodhouse Lake

    Fished there yesterday for the second time this year. Been skunked both times. Fished the east shoreline in 13-18 fow. Tried spoons, lindy flyin rattler, deadstick, salmo chubby darter.... and everything else in my tackle box. Marked 1 fish, swam in about a foot above my chubby darter and disappeared just as fast.

    About 5 others there towards the SW side of the lake where I was skunked about a month ago. Access is limited to tracked vehicles only. There was 1 four wheeler out there but i wouldn't take one out there myself.

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