1. Beaver Bay

    Had a Nice two man limit from Beaver yesterday 5/19. Was pretty cold out with 37 degree water temps, lots of wind but no rain. Smallest was 15" biggest was 25". 18 feet of water

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  2. Geneva 1/6

    Was out at Lake Geneva by Steele on Saturday the 6th from 8am-Noon and did not even mark a fish on the vexilar. Very slow day but it was good to get out for the first time. Ice was about 15-17 inches where we were, fishing in 7' of water. Lots of vehicles and huts were out there that same day, wonder how they did!
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    Other Bodies of Water
  3. Heskett

    Despite fishing being hard this time of year from the staircase on the river, I decided to try it out on Saturday mid-afternoon. Reeled in and released three walleye from wading in a few feet. All those were on a jig and a plastic grub! No luck with cranks. There is a lot more vegetation where there wasn't in the beginning of the summer.
    Missouri River
  4. Shore Fishing the River

    Looking for tips shore fishing the river! Can not seem to find a fish anymore. I'm one of those broke guys you see that doesn't have a boat so I'm doing everything I can to fish the river but am having zero luck. Caught some great fish early in the year on plastics and cranks from Heskett, little heart, sugar loaf and Ft. Lincoln but now....nothing! What or where else can I try? Anything around Bismarck
    Missouri River

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