1. Hazelton

    Went to Hazelton late afternoon and evening. Slow is the word. Caught a couple pulling cranks. Water is very dirty and greenish hue. Water temps 63-64. But it was a great evening to be out.
    Lake Oahe
  2. Western Grebes on Lake Sak

    On Lake Sak this weekend I saw the largest concentrated group of Western Grebes in ND ever in the east end area by Mallard Island. Must have been a couple hundred within sight on Saturday. I suspect the fishing is good for them! Got to see a couple do the dance on the water which was pretty cool. Are they all over the lake or primarily on the east end?
    Lake Sakakawea
  3. Alkaline Lake

    On Monday the 10th I went to Alkaline Lake south of Dawson and we caught our fish using slow death. Released a bunch of 13" fish. My biggest was 18". The odd thing about that fish was that it was a female that did not spawn, and was still full of eggs. Water temps were around 63 degrees. Anyone else catching females that did not spawn this spring at this lake?
  4. Hazelton lost and found key

    I found a single key on the pavement when I was getting my boat ready to leave on the evening of October (Saturday) the 28th. If you lost a key and can identify it, I'll get it to you.
    Lake Oahe

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