1. Sakakawea

    Fished sak today, launched outta the west ramp at parshal and got a couple eaters out of shell.... not real hot and heavy... put some miles on looking for fish. Tried shell skunk bay and 8lb. Tried jig minnow and shiver and rippin rap and jig rap... water temp was 36 to 38 deg on the main.. felt good to be on the water. Name:  20191117_102248.jpg
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    Lake Sakakawea
  2. East sak

    The northern pike bite is hot on the east end of sak... got a 40" today..... hot hot and no wind. Also popped a cherry with a hook in the finger and broke my net with this Haaus of a fish

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    Lake Sakakawea
  3. Van hook

    Good fishing the last 3 days... fished anywhere from 10ft to 35 fow. Pulled cranks in perch and fire tiger... bb and crawler harness with half crawler seemed best, seemed like when we cranked up the speed is when we started to catch more fish. 1.2 to 1.7 with bb and 1.9 to 2.3 with cranks. 30-40 fish a day average and fish from little 12 inchers to good eaters in the 15-17 inch range and 2 28 inches were biggest of the trip. Sunken islands next to deep water were best. Good luck with worriers on the water... hope this helps

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    Lake Sakakawea
  4. West sak

    Launched at new town... went west to white earth bay and marked fish. Only fished 4 hours tonight and caught 7 and kept 3..( enough for me and the wife to have supper) lost a big fish at the boat as it was on the back hook hanging by a thread, shook once and she was off.... pulled cranks in 10-15 fow at 1.6 to 1.9 water temp was warmer at white earth than new town by 6 deg. Fun night though just me and the wife.
    Lake Sakakawea
  5. Van hook.... lake sak

    Van hook was a bust today.... nothing compared to what it was last week, also fished independence and picked up 2 eaters that ended up going back in the drink... tried BB in all depths and speed, not much action from other boats around us either.... live and learn I guess, better luck next time
    Lake Sakakawea
  6. Lake sak.... the hook

    On water at 5pm and off at 8:30. Pulled BB with crawlers in 8 to 12 FOW at .8 to 1.4mph and water temp at 69.7 on wind blown side, biggest was a 27" at 8.1 lbs.... yup the wife out fished me again tonight gosh dang it....haha. had a good time on the water tonight and also seen allot of other people having a good time as well

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    Lake Sakakawea
  7. Lake Darling

    On the water from 5 to 930 yesterday. Water temp 58-60.2
    Covered allot of water from grano to the dam and marked fish but only had one bite and no fish. Tried jig and minnow, jig and plastic, slip bobbers, trolling, slip drifting.
    Left the lake thinking the walleye are in the spawn lull and not biting
    Lake Darling
  8. Sak

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    Went to sak today, fished west of independence point...snap jigging... wife out fished me again today with the biggest being a 26 incher ....water temp was 56 deg
    Lake Sakakawea
  9. Lake darling 8-26-17

    Fished from 430pm till 830pm and managed 2 man limit and a nice 28 incher.... wife caught the 28 incher and she was mad when I told her its goin back in the drink, she wanted to get it mounted but I said there is bigger ones out ther. That said we used bouncers with crawler pink and white bladesName:  20170826_193831.jpg
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    Lake Darling

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