1. Tailrace

    Myself and a buddy of mine are heading up to the tailrace Saturday just looking for any info anyone is willing to share. Took him up there last year the end of October and didn’t have much luck. Hoping this year is better
    Lake Sakakawea
  2. Fishing around Central ND /Jamestown.

    Looking for any info reports on lakes in the Jamestown area/central ND area,
  3. Big mallard marsh

    Anyone fished big mallard recently, trying to fish something different these weekend?
  4. Big mallard Marsh

    Anyone been around Big mallard Marsh? Just looking for an ice report
  5. Jamestown/valley city lakes

    Anyone willing to share a ice report for the Jamestown valley city area, I will report what I find tomorrow
    Other: SE ND Area
  6. Tailrace

    Any info on the tailrace would be appreciated, heading up there on the 18th/19th are the salmon still running at that time?
    Lake Sakakawea
  7. Central ND lakes

    Any luck fishing the central ND lakes? The alkali lake south of spiritwood has been pretty good if you find the keepers, pulled in a lot of 10-12inchers. They seem to be moving around water temps differ depending on what side of the lake your on. Thinking of trying somewhere else this weekend maybe big mallard?
  8. Pipestem and Jamestown Reservoir

    Pipestem has died down drastically, no where near the same amount of people fishing it compared to a few weeks ago, I have tried numerous sports with very little luck, marking a lot, not getting any takers, I have tried about every lure I have, crappie bite is good first thing in the morning for about an hour then it’s like a switch is flipped. I have been to the reservoir 3-4 times, not sure if I’m hitting the wrong spots at the wrong time but haven’t had good luck there either, any pointers would be greatly appreciated
  9. Jamestown

    Just moved to Jamestown a week ago, anybody have any pointers on shore fishing in the area?
  10. Lake darling

    Went to grano on Tuesday was there for about 3 hours with not a bit, tried minnows, worms, gulp, cranks. There was another guy there saying he he has had some decent luck, but not the day we were there, there catching them on boats a little ways south, in shallow water with cranks! Man I need to convince my wife to let me get a boat
    Lake Darling
  11. Shore fishing

    Any reports on shore fishing up at lake darling or anywhere else? Went to the tail race Sunday morning got there before the sun came up, not one bit, tried everything in my tackle box, about 30 yards father out than I could reach casting 3 guys in a boat were catching a lot! Probably had there limit in less than an hour and half, they were dropping and jogging vertically, wish I could have casted out that far, straight out from the cement blocks by the boat ramp
    Lake Sakakawea
  12. Any luck shore fishing anywhere?

    Anyone having any decent luck shore fishing anywhere?
    Lake Sakakawea
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