1. Lake Josephine 2.2.2019

    Neighbor and his kids wanted to do a little fishing before the Super Bowl Sunday. So we loaded up and made it out to Lake Josephine by late afternoon on Saturday 2.2.2019.

    Access to the lake was still open (maybe from the tournament a few weekends ago, as someone plowed from the boat ramp quite a ways to the northwest side of the lake). Off of the road there was quite a bit of drifting in most places and I'm afraid we weren't able to venture off the road very far before setting up the house.

    We fished from 3:30-10:30 Saturday night, put the rattle reels down for the ...
  2. Beaver Bay (Oahe) 1/18-1/19/2019

    Worked many weekends with family and neighbors through the summer and built an ice house. Had it out with my brother for the first time on Beaver Bay this past weekend. Fished about 12.5 feet of water, ice was 17 inches thick where we were at on the east side of the bridge, north side of the bay. Story was the same as it was two weeks ago when I was moving more---- marked quite a few fish, but had absolutely no takers. Tried many different presentations. Talked to two other groups fishing that had the same story. Only two minimal issues with the ice house on the maiden voyage, and a fun time ...
    Lake Oahe
  3. Beaver Bay Missouri

    My father-in-law had a few days of vacation to burn so he decided to tug the old camper and boat to Beaver Bay yesterday (6/13/2018). He went out in the morning and caught 3-4 smaller walleye using bb's/spinners with worms.

    I took off early from work, met him down there, and we were back on the water for the afternoon at around 4:00pm. It was quite windy, but was still a fun evening. We managed to get 9 keeper walleye, 16-21", with a handful of smaller ones. Caught a drum and a decent crappie as well. We mostly used bbs/spinners with worms. Also caught a few on crankbaits, ...
    Missouri River
  4. Missouri River 5/23/2018

    The forecast called for high winds and rain. We got neither, so I hopped onto my neighbor's pontoon with him and cruised south of Bismarck. Fished mostly jigs/minnows, jigs/gulp. Only managed three walleye (2, 15" keepers, one smaller one), one catfish. My neighbor caught one nice sturgeon. Fished by Fort Lincoln, and in some slack water breaks to the south a few miles before running back home. Fished from 12:30-4:30. Was a beautiful day on the river, but slow. Water is up quite a ways, a bit muddy, and mostly in the upper 40s for temperature.
    Missouri River
  5. Beaver Bay Missouri River

    Was a beautiful day yesterday (5/20/2018) to be out on Beaver Bay. Lots of boats up near the bridge on both sides, saw a few fish being caught there, but we wanted to move away from the traffic a bit, so we fished out on the west side of the bridge. On the water a bit late, at 10:00 and quit fishing around 5:00 to get back home. It wasn't constant action, some slow spots through the day, but we caught about 20 walleyes, kept 15 between the three of us. Nothing huge, all nice eaters.
    Missouri River
  6. Heart River

    After getting my turkey the other day, I decided to spend some time like KDM "muddin". I was on the opposite side of the state, on the Heart River, east of Highway 8, south of Richardton. Pitched some 1/8 - 1/4 ounce VMC moon eye jigs with moxi worms. Ended up getting two smaller northerns right away. Moved around on some crossings and cut-backs. Only had one other hook-up - felt like something quite big, but it spit the hook. Catfish? Carp? Not sure.

    Also, the day before, I stopped and pitched jigs for about an hour where the Green River runs into the Heart, near ...
    Other: SW ND Area
  7. Sibley Lake 1/18/2018

    Lots of people on Sibley Thursday (1/18/2018). Fished the west side. Saw about a dozen small perch and three walleye on the cameras but didn't find any that would commit to our buckshots or dead sticks. Was a beautiful, warmer day on the water. I expect it to be busy there this weekend, judging by how busy it was on a day off. There is a small pressure ridge building from the East side and running to the west, but it was safe to drive on the west side around the lake. Hope others that were out had better luck than us. Most were fishing deeper. We stayed in from 7-16 feet.
    Sibley Lake
  8. Lake Josephine

    Went to Lake Josephine on Saturday (1/6/2018) with my neighbor and his son, who's going to be 7 years old. Got the Eskimo pop-up anchored in and the Big Buddy heater rolling, after drilling some holes. We fished from 1:30-5:30 and it was a slow day overall.

    I let the boy, Parker, use the Aqua-Vu camera and he had a BLAST with it. Although we didn't catch anything, we saw quite a few perch (smaller ones) and two walleye that would come up and investigate his offerings, but he wasn't able to ice anything. We fished in about 15 feet of water about 300 yards straight west of the ...
  9. Heskett 9/7/2017 PICK UP YOUR TRASH

    Was a nice night to get out and toss some FL13s. Tried hot steel, blue, firetiger. No takers, one bump. Nothing on jig/twister set-up either. Fished from 8:30-10:30.

    Of note--- I have come to realize most on this site are sportsman and care about nature. I noticed last night that not all people that fish are. I picked up a grocery bag full of garbage (worm tubs, crankbait packages, cigarette butts, beer cans). Please chew someone's ass if you see them doing this. I noticed whoever else was fishing with me over there last night did the same thing I did, as there was another ...
    Missouri River
  10. Missouri River

    As most people have been heading to the big lake this time of year, my neighbor and I have slipped away a few evenings this past week on his pontoon docked at Southport, to the Fort Rice area.

    It hasn't been hot and heavy, but we have picked up a few 14-16" walleye, along with a few more dinks. Also got into a few channel catfish. We mostly have been using 1/4 oz jigs tipped with Gulp minnow grubs and a bit of worm. Going in the evenings and fishing 7:00-10:00ish. Minimal boat traffic past the main sandbars and the evenings have been a cool reprieve from the hot weather. ...
    Missouri River
  11. Beaver Bay

    Beaver Bay this weekend (6/23-25). Weather was cold, and the fishing was NOT that hot either.

    Went out Saturday morning, caught one gar back in the bay. Was kind of neat, as I've never caught one before. Actually caught it on a slow death hook. 24" or so.

    Saturday night and Sunday morning went out again for about 2 hours each time. Caught 2 keeper walleye and a big white bass on Saturday night. 3 keeper walleye and 3 small walleye on Sunday morning. Fished mostly with a bottom-bouncer and spinner, but caught a few fish on Salmo cranks as well. Not a single ...
    Missouri River
  12. Beaver Bay

    Spent the weekend camping down at Beaver Bay on the Missouri. Fished Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning-- for a few hours each outing. Caught a mixed bag of fish including 2 northern (one was 37"), 2 drum, 1 skipjack, a few dinky perch, 7 keeper walleye 17-22", 15 keeper crappie, and a handful of crappie and walleye that we threw back. Most fish were caught on Friday night and Saturday before the weather moved in. Sunday morning was really slow with no keepers. We tried a bit of everything for tactics, but most fish were caught pulling slow death ...
    Missouri River
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