1. Lake Access??????

    Are there any lakes a guy can still drive on or at least get close enough to the lake to walk on? I’ve been on new johns and east park the last few times but can’t drive on anywhere, catching lots of eyes but most are dinks. Thanks!!
  2. East Sakakawea Ice ?

    Just wondering how the ice is and if there’s any access by wolf creek or anywhere close to there, any info would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks
    Lake Sakakawea
  3. Lake oahe 4 mile bay

    I fished 4 mile bay early ice and did really good for big slab crappies and some monster northers! We tried going back there once after first big snow storm but the access was not good so just wondering if anyone knows if a guy can get down to the ice with a truck? Thanks
    Lake Oahe
  4. Beaver Bay Cattail Bay

    Checked Beaver Bay on Tuesday it’s iced over but very sketchy so I didn’t even try walking out. So I checked cattail and found 3” only walked out bout 30 yards fished in 10’ and got my first walleye through the ice!!!!
    Lake Oahe
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  5. Audubon Ice

    Fished southeast of Nelson bay Friday and not sure where I was yesterday but it was on the northeast side and both areas had 4” only got 2 northerns and a perch.
    went back to bay on northeast side on Monday and it was a good solid 5”, same outcome small perch and a few northerns.
    Lake Audubon
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