1. Hiddenwood by Makoti

    Anyone been out to Hiddenwood Lake this year or recently even? Im lookin at it as a possible lake to fish next weekend, as im coming to Minot again to see family. Saw decent number s of each species of the Game and FIsh website. Hows Access? If access is terrible, is there any good spots 100-300 yards off shore? Thanks
  2. Antelope Lake

    So, finally made it up to Minot after asking for all that advice and reports. Went out on Sat. with my grandpa. Didn't go far from the ramp on the Anamoose side of the lake. Got set up around quarter to 8. Marked lots hugging the bottom. Must have been roaming schools, as they would come and go. Few little ones. Lost a giant at the hole. Kept 6. Caught my new PB perch. Didn't measure, but roughly 11-12 inch. Lots little ones were stealing bait. Really slow. Packed up around 2. As we were leaving, I saw something hilarious. 2 High school age kids came down the ramp with an old Buick car and had ...
  3. Lakes around Cass County ND

    Anyone fishing lakes around the area? Lookin to go out maybe this weekend with a buddy for a few hours. Based out of Hunter, so not lookin for anything over an hour and a half drive. Just lookin to see if there is fish biting. Thanks for any help.
  4. Brewer Lake

    What are conditions like at Brewer? Im goin there tommorow, and just lookin for some info.
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    Brewer Lake
  5. Clear Lake

    I'm looking into Clear Lake, in Pierce County. Looked on the Game and Fish website, and looks promising. Has anyone been out there lately?
  6. McClusky Canal

    Has anyone ever fished it? Looks like a nice place to fish. Saw its stocked with just bout everything. Thanks
  7. Scooby Lake, Brekken and Holmes Lake

    Has anyone fished these lakes yet this year? Was hoping to fish one of them, when I return to the Minot area for Christmas. Fished Brekken and Scooby last year. Caught a few at Scooby, but very slow action. At Brekken, the action was pretty good but caught lots of dinks. Hoping there are some better ones in there this year. Thanks
  8. North Eckelson

    Has anyone been to Eckelson this year? Was planning on going out there on Sat. with a buddy of mine to go chase some perch. heard there's lots of perch, with some nice ones there. Haven't been there in years Thks,
  9. Brewer Lake

    Anyone know if Brewer Lake by Erie, ND has ice yet. I'm checking cause I might wanna go chase some gills.
    Brewer Lake
  10. Ice fishing Already?

    Heard from a friend, that Lake Ashtabula already has around 3 inches of ice on it? Can anyone else confirm it? Also, anyone know if there is ice on Casselton Resivoir?

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