1. Jamestown Reservoir

    Fished at Jamestown Reservoir on Friday for most of the day. Three of us caught 15+ walleye and a few nice perch and small pike. Most walleye were small but we kept 8 over 14 inches. Ice was about 15 inches and we fished in about 25 feet of water. We drove on the ice after seeing that someone else finally did too. We didn't want to be the first that day.
  2. Small perch at New Johns

    Fished a couple of times last week at New Johns in about 12 feet of water using jigs and minnow. Caught a lot of 7-9 inch perch and one 16 inch walleye. Most everyone was catching those perch. A lot of people on the ice. A couple of vehicles but I wouldn't drive on. The ice was about 12 inches, maybe a bit less.
    New Johns Lake
  3. Danzig Fishing

    Fished Danzig Dam on Saturday for a couple of hours in the afternoon. There was about 3 to 4 inches of ice and some open water. Could not fish where we wanted because of the ice conditions. Caught a couple of walleye and a perch. All were small and there wasn't much action. Few other people there with about the same luck.
    Other: SW ND Area
  4. Hazelton Boat Dock Area

    Fished with my brother close to Hazelton boat dock. We tried a number of techniques including slow death, spinners, jigging and crankbaits but used bottom bouncers about 90% of the time as they were the only thing we caught fish on. We caught our limit in about 3 hours. It was slow fishing for the most part except from about 11am to noon when we caught the majority of the fish. The fish were small and ranged form 14" to 16". Most fish were caught in 14 feet. About 10 other boats out and saw few being caught.
    Lake Oahe
  5. Van Hook June 23-25

    Fished Van Hook 1/2 Sunday, most of Monday and 1/2 Tuesday.

    It was our first time ever fishing Van Hook as we fish the Missouri river mainly and have no need to travel so far so take our inexperience into consideration for this report.

    Fishing was not very good. Between 3 of us we caught about 20 walleye. However I think we did about as well as anybody. Many people that we talked to didn't catch any or only a couple of fish. We tried many techniques and spots within about 1 mile of the boat ramps and from 6 feet to 35 feet. We split our time mostly between bottom ...
    Lake Sakakawea
  6. Missouri River Bismarck

    Went out on Saturday May 19 in the morning near the Expressway Bridger north of Fox Island. The three of us caught a limit of walleye within about 45 minutes using jig tipped with either minnow, nightcrawler or powerbait. Fish were in about 20 feet of water. Didn't appear that most angers in the area were having that good of luck. We tried a number of other spots south of Bismarck with some success.

    We tried a hole about 100 yards north of the boat dock where I believe the state record walleye was caught. We caught two huge suckers, a smaller walleye and then I hooked into ...
    Missouri River
  7. Missouri River Bismarck

    Brother and I fished the Missouri from the Fox Island ramp on Saturday and Sunday. Spend a total of about 5 hours fishing. Fishing was slow as expected. The water was dirty and about 38 degrees. Caught one 24" walleye at the opening of a bay. It was fat and tasted good I heard. We only tried jigs in various depths of water. Talked to a number of other boats. Most had no fish. One guy said he caught 3. I believe the water cleared up a bit from Saturday to Sunday.
    Missouri River

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