1. Jasper lake

    Tried Jasper on 1/8. Parking area was accessible but ramp is snowed in. Walked out south of the ramp and tried a couple spots. Fished from first light to 10 in the morning. Caught a dozen or so small perch and 2 small walleyes.
  2. Lake Isabel

    Fished Isabel for a couple hours 1/24. Walked out a couple 100 yards from the ramp and set up in 8 feet of water. Caught 2 northerns. One on a tip up with a minnow and the other on a rattle bait. Missed 4 other bites on the rattle bait.
  3. Nygren dam

    Tried Nygren on 1-16 for a couple hours in the afternoon. Ice was 9 to 12 inches in the area I fished. Checked from 10 feet down to 22 feet and marked fish in every hole i drilled. Caught 8 bluegills with the biggest one being 4 inches.
    Other: SW ND Area

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