1. Alkaline lake.

    Was up tonight. Caught two keepers. 4-5 inches of ice. But here is a word of caution. Went up Saturday just to snoop around. Lake was all froze over except by road culverts. Sunday drove up again and there were very large areas of open water all over the lake. Very weird. So just to let everyone know, the ice up there is going to be very sketchy and unpredictable till we get a long stretch of cold weather. So please be careful.
  2. Alkaline

    Not so much a fishing report as an ice report. Was up there last couple days. Non first day and two last night. The ice conditions a very sketchy. Guys have big houses on the south side but I went across the lake with my snowmobile. Had only 6 inches of ice where I was. And I wasn’t in the middle. Close to shore. So anyone going be careful. Just cause you might see some ice castles. I wouldn’t go on with a pickup. Way too variable ice conditions right now.

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