1. Nelson Lake

    Fished Nelson on Saturday afternoon. The water is quite low. The west ramp was unusable as the ramp ends a few feet into the water and then drops off a foot or better. The east ramp was usable to my surprise. Water temps ranged from 60-70ish. Fishing was a little slow and the size was small.
    Nelson Lake
  2. Van Hook - Monday

    Fished hard Monday. Started in the north end of VH, I don’t get up there often, but the whole north end seemed quite dirty. I believe it was due to Sunday’s south wind. Couldn’t get much going. Tried some islands, caught a couple small ones. Wind was out of NW. Eventually made our way over to flag point and got into nice fish in 10-15 fow. Wind dies at 4pm and so does the catching. We should have been there earlier I have a feeling. We tried a few more spots before quitting around 7pm with 6 in the box.
    Lake Sakakawea
  3. Beaver Bay Oahe

    I was down at beav yesterday. Getting on the ice was nearly impossible as there was about 20 feet of water that had a thin layer of ice all around. A few of us did manage to find a way on from the south shore and I left at noon and made it off without wet feet, but barely. I fished all morning and had no action. The water appeared to be stained. I will not attempt to ice fish there again this season.
    Lake Oahe
  4. Alkaline Lake - Kidder

    Fished Alkaline today. We did well. We caught most of our fish casting cranks into the shallows. We just moved around as some areas held fish and some did not. If you don't care much for the gravel road in, you really aren't going to like the 23 miles of fresh oil, loose rock from Dawson south
  5. Nelson Lake

    Lapper and I took the boat to Nelson yesterday. Apparently it wasn't an original idea. We didn't catch a lot of fish but the quality was decent. We caught mostly largies and a few crappies. The thing to note here is that the creek bringing water into the lake is at max capacity so my guess is that the lake temps are going to drop significantly over the next couple weeks and the water will get dirty. Everyone used the ramp by the warm water release and it was pretty muddy. The lake temp was around 60 degrees from 1 end to the other.
    Nelson Lake
  6. Sakakawea Pike Report

    I fished a bay on the north side yesterday. Fished from 8am - 6pm. I was looking for pike so had tipups in 8 - 15 feet of water. It was the slowest day I think I have ever had. The ice is very thick with much snow cover so maybe the light penetration is low and keeping the fish out of the shallows or maybe I just suck. I caught 1 8lber and missed 3 light bites. For DM the water clarity was good and I would guess the water temp just over 32.
    Lake Sakakawea
  7. Beaver Bay - Saturday

    Fished beav on Oahe. 9am-noon was spent on the west side of the bridge near the low water ramp. Only 2 small pike. Moved to the east side of the bridge and fished until dark. Another 2 small pike. So a slow day. The excitement came on the way home when a stinkin coyote decided to commit suicide by darting from the ditch 10 feet in front of the truck. Apparently coyote bones are harder than F150 bumpers.
    Lake Oahe
  8. Beaver Bay Oahe

    Quick trip to beav today. Ice was 6 inches thick. Wind was strong

    Caught 1 10lb pike and 1 16 inch walleye. Saw some big carp swim by the camera and a small fish swim right below the clear ice under the house. Always interesting.
    Missouri River
  9. Sak East End - 7/26

    Dad and I put in at Ft Stevenson. We do not fish Sak much. Hit likely looking spots and spot #4 had some eyes. Caught 9 in 22-25 FOW on BB and spinners. Couldn't get #10 so we switched gears and casted the shallows for's first fish on his spinner bait was a 23 inch eye taken out of 3 feet of water. We called it #10.....go figure. Also caught a few pike, smallies, skippies, 1 white bass and 1 perch throughout the day.

    I had purchased some Scheels brand spinners with changeable blades. I wouldn't recommend them because the blade falls off ALOT.
    Lake Sakakawea
  10. Nelson Lake

    Took the boat to Nelson Lake on Sunday. Sure was nice to be in the boat using the long rods. The water level was decent for loading. Caught some bass and 1 crappie. Nothing big but was very enjoyable.
    Nelson Lake
  11. Lake Josephine

    I and the wife fished Josephine this morning. I got no action......and the fish didn't bite either No bites and nothing on the Vex.

    There is a nice path to drive on the ice at the ramp and once you get to the north side, there was very little snow on the ice. The ice was probably 30 inches thick.
  12. Dawson area - pike

    Went to Horsehead lake today. 3 hours of fishing without a bite, very surprised. Had to walk in from the road. While we were there a tractor showed up to maybe push out the road but he seemed to run into some issue. We then moved to the Alkali-Etta lake complex and the pike were quite active. 24-28 inchers primarily. Pics below are of the walk out of Horsehead, the tractor by Horsehead and my son and dad with the pike we kept from Alkali-Etta.
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