1. Slough Perch Fishing

    Hit an area slough this weekend looking for perch....used the clicker and hit 112 between 2 guys! We didn't use it until about an hour in or so, likely more around 150 fish or so!

    Average size was 8", biggest were 12" with multiple in the 10-11" range. Also got a few bonus walleye on micro plastics (14-16"). I wasn't looking to keep fish, so everything went back. Fun time though!

    I know I'm not giving a lake name, but it's a teaser to encourage others to get out and off the couch. I guess I could've stayed home and baked cookies with the wife ...
  2. Fargo Self Quarantine

    Just a quick note - get out and fish!!!

    Bite has been great near Fargo as evidenced by the pics.....all ND fish, all virus free!

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    Other: SE ND Area
  3. Brewer Lake

    Took my boys to Brewer today, first time we've been ice fishing this year. No big fish, but constant action on the Vex and great learning experience for them to renew their excitement for the sport. They ended up catching 8 small perch and 3 10-11" that we took home so I could make them perch sandwiches. So busy with the boys that I never even wet a line! Great day, glad to be back in the game.
  4. WF Sheyenne River

    Went out Saturday against my own wishes....lookie what I found! 23" walleye, ready for the frying pan! Lindy rig, fat head minnow, deadly combination this time of year!
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  5. Sheyenne River West Fargo 9/29/16

    Hit the Sheyenne from shore tonight, kept the boat at home to get after a favorite spot in my boots. I landed two five lb, a 12, 12.5, 14.5, and 21.6. Had a few other lookers, but didn't hook up. Not bad for 4 hours on a whim! I have yet to receive info on the tag, but was really pleased with some big fall cat action to say the least! It was my first over 20 lb fishing in Fargo. Awesome feeling with a tag bonus!

    Frogs were all they wanted, and not doubt about it when they decided to eat!
  6. Red River Pembina 8-19

    The report it a little old, but still worth sharing. Sorry for the delay!

    Buddy and I headed up to Pembina for a 5 day adventure with nothing on our minds but epic catfishing. It took us a day (and night) to figure it out, but once we did it was game on! Over 3 dozen fish 15lbs+, biggest being 22.78 and many in the high teens. Lost a few "monsters" but had many laughs and great company. Frogs were the ticket and the night bite was phenomenal, even right from camp. Fished from the Drayton dam to Pembina, everywhere in between.

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    Red River
  7. Red River Fargo 8/4

    Quick update on the Fargo cat bite - it's just as Brad described. Fish are in visibly faster current, big fish to be had but spread out. Move, move, move. That means "new spot, new hope" as well as spot-within-spot....when on a good spot, move your bait ahead, out deeper, in shallow, or slide your boat 40-50 yds. Don't miss the chance to completely fish the snag or hole. However, look for active fish and move. Nearly everything caught bit within first 5-6 minutes.

    Went out to MB Johnson Sunday and got a 17.25 and an 11.50, tonight during league got one 9 lber. All ...
  8. Red River Fargo

    Catfishing in the Red in Fargo has been very tough lately - but it's game on now. Males and females are both smashing baits after the rise in water level and I found them just off the breaks from main current near snags and inflows. We have a friendly competition on Thursday nights and tonight one boat landed a 16 and a 20, both on liver. Our boat had two 9's and two 6's we weighed, along with a 6 that didn't count (4 fish weigh-in), both on frog. A third team had an 11 and a 13 on cutbait. Prior weeks have been very poor across the board, but this week fish are on the feed and are hammering ...
    Red River
  9. Red River Fargo 10-26

    We headed out to the Red in search of walleye Sunday (I know, a little late on the report). 48 degree water temps, high hopes. We did NOT find walleye as expected, but instead a welcomed visitor showed up and changed our tactics. This 32" 15 lb fat cat decided we were fishing for the wrong species. We only had limited daylight once we switched over, but missed two BIG cats to snags and landed another 6 lber. One more bite that came up empty. All in an hour and two spots. Frogs and fresh goldeye were the answer.

    Highlight was traveling through 6" of crystal clear water ...
  10. Red River Fargo 8/29 and 8/30

    Took the boys out for a river adventure and wound up with few fish but quality. Here are two of the better fish we caught - an 11 and a 15. Man did they have a blast! Goldeye and longer sits were what it took, but we got into some and had a great time doing it. I included a link to a video that's priceless in my world..."Oh my gosh that's a big fish".....doesn't get much better than that when you're a father!

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    Red River
  11. Red River South of Fargo 8/25

    Hit the Red Tuesday night for a leisurely trip. Goldeye didn't produce anything big, did manage a few 6 lbers. We fished mid river structure near holes and snags near fast deeper water.
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  12. Red in Fargo 8/8/15

    Fished south of Fargo Saturday and did REALLY well. Wound up boating 24 fish, over 100 lbs total. 3 fish over 14 lbs, biggest 15.5 and tagged! Great day, won't forget it soon. Best part was I took a friend who never has fished the river before and walked away with a whole new perspective of the gem it is. He also lost a monster that went into a snag...dang this will be tough to repeat!

    Fish were on fast water, deeper edges of big snags and heads of holes. We used shrimp and goldeye with 20-30 minute sits. Fish were active all day.

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    Red River

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