1. Dry Lake North of Devils Lake

    I don't get out much these days. But, told myself I would post a report if I did. Well me and a buddy went up to Dry Lake on Friday. Put in at 11 AM. Left shortly after 4 PM. It was a bit windy. But, we didn't shy away from the wind. Fished slip bobbers in 7 different spots. In the wind and out of the wind. Trolled cranks in 3 different spots. In the wind and out of the wind. Tossed cranks while we sat and watched our bobbers. In 5 hours, we had 0 bites. Yes. That is meant to read zero (0) bites. Which also explains why we saw zero (0) boats. The lack of action also explains the ...
    Devils Lake
  2. Devils lake bottom bouncing

    Well I finally got the boat out so figured I might as well do my part and get in on the report posting. Went Friday 15th and Friday the 22nd in the evening. Just pulled BBs with spinners and leeches. Wasn't feeling energetic, felt like drinking beer and the wind blew decent on the 15th. So, those things aren't exactly a recipe for pitching cranks which is my preference. Anyway... depth didn't seem to matter a lot. Find spots to pull them without wasting a bunch of time dealing with snags. Catch a fish. Hit the way point button. Hit the spot a few more times. If it doesn't produce a fish or ...
    Devils Lake
  3. Red river 6/15 & 6/16.

    Went out both evenings. Hit the river about 6 pm and got off about 10:15ish. Caught about half a dozen cats and a few goldeye each night. Suckers and shrimp. Bigger fish on Suckers. Never did catch any on cutbait which I found weird. Total of 4 over 30 inches. 31, 31, 33 and 36. Anyone got an approximate weight on those? Also, may have seen captain brad in action last night.

    Updated 06-17-2016 at 10:06 AM by espringers

    Red River
  4. Devils Lake - Behind Pops

    Just and FYI... there is nothing happening there. I seem to have this problem every year about this time in that area. The fish literally seem to disappear. I guess they could be staging elsewhere. But, there isn't a lot of run off. So, I had some hope. Anyway, I've fished the last couple of hours before dark 3 times in the last 10 days. I've had my equipment in probably 20 holes ranging in depth from 6 to 17 feet of water. I am pretty sure I haven't marked a single fish. So, take that for what its worth. Fishing reports can't always be titty sprinkled rainbow unicorns.
    Devils Lake
  5. Devils Lake; Underwater Weed Beds and Crankbaits

    i am overdue for a fishing report. i've only been out three times since ice off for a few hours each time. but, twice in the last week. like always, it seems a fella can catch as many eater fish as you want pulling spinners and leeches or using a leech under a bobber or attached to a jig over the side of the boat just about anywhere on the lake. however, i've found the following to be a pretty good tactic this year and in years past:

    once i've trolled spinners in an area long enough that i have the underwater weed bed defined, grabbing a good old CD9 or #5 shad rap and working ...

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