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  1. Lake of the Woods

    Went up on New Years Day and had a buddy join me the following day and we left Sunday mid-morning. Fished out of Dale’s access. Had permanent over towards Twin Islands in 25 FOW. fished in the house Wednesday all day and the mornings on Thursday and Friday. Spent the other afternoons and all day Saturday out with portable on Adrian’s reef, North Adrian’s and also 16 mile. Fished in 26-31 FOW. Decent to good action everyday. Plain green hook was the go-to for my dead stick. Pink and white buckshot jig with minnow head was on my jigging for the majority of the time. We caught 6 slot fish ...
  2. Grass and Buffalo

    A buddy and I hit Grass from 10:30-12:30. Never fished it before and punched a bunch of holes in 5-9 FOW doing some exploring. Never marked a fish so pulled the plug and headed over to Buffalo. Fished there until 6:30. Fished north end in 9-12 FOW with only a couple of marks but no bites.
    Other: SE ND Area
  3. Lake of the Woods

    Fished 1/10-1/14 out of Dale’s Road. Wednesday had good action with nice fish out in portable in 23 FOW. Spent Thursday hunkered down in the permanent in 32 FOW with slow fishing but a few nice ones caught. Friday spent the AM in the permanent with limited success and then ventured out with portable to 27 FOW. Caught a couple nice fish but slow action overall. Saturday was a repeat of Friday except we hardly caught anything out in the portable. Left early this morning
    (9 AM)due to blowing snow and limited visibility without a fish. Overall fishing was poor to average with a few slot ...
  4. Buffalo Lake

    Buddy and I hit Buffalo lake yesterday(1/7/18) from 11a-7p. Fished in 12 FOW. Buddy caught 1 walleye and I had a snake break my line at the bottom of the ice. Only had a couple marks all day.
    Other: SE ND Area
  5. Lake of the Woods

    Took my oldest daughter up to Lake of the Woods last weekend. Got up there Saturday around noon and fished until noon on Monday. Went through Dale's road. Fished in 28 fow on Arneson's reef. Travel was good although the ice was rough so it was slow going once you got off the main road. Caught some decent fish on Saturday, Sunday we couldn't catch anything bigger than 12" and Monday was better but still nothing real big. All in all, still a great time spent with her in the permanent.
  6. SE ND pond/"lake"

    Middle kid and I hit a little lake in SE ND on Saturday for an overnight with the fish house. Pretty dead until 4 or so. Fished 12 FOW. Ended up with 9 nice crappies and 2 decent slimers that went back. Dead stick with smaller fathead was the ticket. Had a couple nibbles on jigging rod but couldn't connect. Rattle reels went off all night and we lost 3 crappies at the top of the ice and missed/lost several other bites.
    Other: SE ND Area
  7. Lake of the Woods

    Spent 5 days up at Lake of the Woods. Wednesday we set up the permanents in 32' and it was slow. Went searching on Thursday and found some better fishing in 26-28'. Fished that same area Friday, Saturday and Sunday with portables. Never limited out on saugers but caught our limit of keeper walleyes each day except Wednesday and Sunday(we left after lunch). Group of 6 ended up with 4 slot fish. Weather was nice but made for really sloppy conditions. I hate to think what things are gonna be like when all that slush freezes...gonna be one rough ride.
  8. Lake Lida

    Took oldest daughter out to Lida Friday night and stayed until 6 pm on Saturday. Fished in 18-19 fow. Wasn't able to get to the spot I was hoping for due to snow on the lake and pulling the permanent with the 4 wheeler. Ice was about 20-21 inches so I probably could've gotten out with my pickup pulling the permanent but didn't want to risk it with the kid along. Fishing was dead, 1 tiny perch and one small northern. Missed a few others and marked some but couldn't get them to commit. Tons of houses out there.
  9. Pond west of Oakes

    Did an overnight on a small pond/slough west of Oakes on Saturday/Sunday. Fished in 13'. Ended up with 3 smaller walleyes. Marked a few others but couldn't get them to commit. Still a great trip though with my 7 yr old daughter.
    Other: SE ND Area
  10. Lake Lida

    A buddy and I took the permanent out and fished Lida Saturday thru Monday. Fished 3 different spots, all in the 16-22 ft range. Ended up with 6 walleyes and 1 Crappie plus some northerns too. 3 of the walleyes were in the 17"-26" slot. Ice was around 14 inches. Pulled permanent out with 4 wheeler but lots of pickups and permanents out.
  11. Lake Lida(MN)

    Oldest daughter and I hit Lida for a long weekend. Went out on Saturday afternoon and came back today. Fished in 19 FOW. Ended up with 10 walleye, one being a 19 slot fish plus lots of tiny perch and 1 snot rocket. Rattle reels/dead sticks were the only thing producing. Plain hooks of varying colors worked best. Worst part of the trip was the ice has heaved the access and it was difficult getting off the lake. Bent up the middle support brackets on my running boards and nose of fish house got caught on the heave and ended up stuck. Luckily a guy was willing to pull me out otherwise a tow ...
  12. Lake Lida (MN)

    Fished north Lida on 1/23 and 1/24. Set up in 18 fow. Fishing was very slow. Several tiny (and I mean tiny!) perch. Picked up 2 decent walleyes on rattle reels during overnight but they were in the slot so they had to go back. Also picked up a couple nice sunnies. Ice was 16".
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