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    Big Iron

    GIANT pike on tip-ups

    Maybe 15 years ago. Go to last post

    Big Iron 03-18-2019 11:34 AM
    Migrator Man

    Keep Fish Caught in Deep Water

    Catch and release tourneys should be banned from fishing deeper than 30’ if they want to be a good... Go to last post

    Migrator Man 01-15-2019 10:48 PM

    Keep Fish Caught in Deep Water

    A good article that everyone should pay heed too! Go to last post

    Honkerherms 01-15-2019 09:27 AM
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    Finesse-trolling stickbaits for early-season walleyes

    by Jim Edlund

    Lake Erie guide Capt. Ross Robertson is killing us with his giant walleye photos, fish he affectionately refers to “cafeteria moms” [lol no offense!]. So we gave Ross a call and asked him to spill the beans on the program that’s working right now.

    The winning game is finesse-trolling stickbaits with snap-weights using planer boards. He’s ...
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    Best Locations for Giant Walleyes

    by Steve Ryan

    For giant walleyes—18 pounds and up—the list of waters shrinks to a remarkable few.

    Best Locations for Giant Walleyes

    The quest for giant walleyes takes a special breed of angler and a unique fishery. One’s mindset and game plan changes when pursuing record-caliber walleyes versus fishing for tablefare. It requires dedication to researching top fisheries capable of producing freakishly large walleyes and the persistence to grind out long hours on the water under difficult conditions. That means potentially ...
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    New Licenses Needed April 1

    North Dakota anglers, trappers and hunters are reminded that new licenses for the 2019-20 season are required starting April 1.
    Licenses can be purchased online at the North Dakota ...
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    How to catch GIANT Lake of the Woods pike on tip-ups

    ​by Brett McComas

    Known for its zillions of walleyes, Lake of the Woods has also become a world-class pike fishing destination — especially during the Mar/Apr late-ice period. The border waters’ special regulations mean these fish can be targeted all the way through ice-out.

    Mammoth pike will stage for the upcoming spawn in shallow bays all along the south shore and are ready to ...
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    How to catch BIG early-season river walleyes

    You dreaming of open-water yet? No doubt winter has taken its toll, and we’re jonesin’ to put fat ‘eyes boat-side! Lot of the lakes across the ice belt will be locked up for a while — say ’til July lol — but a handful of river systems are open and can kick out pre-spawn giants like these:

    We reached ...
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    Catch more fish with tuned crankbaits

    The best trollers in the game do things differently, but are always precise. One of their overlooked tweaks is running “tuned” crankbaits to get the best possible action out of a bait — it’s been proven to flat-out put more fish in the boat.

    No doubt tuning baits with a pliers can mess up a crank’s action more than it helps — been there! There’s finally a tool
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    Balance Lures for Big Panfish

    by Cory Schmidt

    Balanced jigging lures may be the least understood category of ice lures, yet they have remarkable traits. Panfish purists often ignore them, despite baits in this category that are less than 2 inches long with #12 to #18 hooks. Little is known about the lineage of balanced lures of Scandinavian origin, other than that Finnish lure craftsmen Lauri Rapala and his son Esko created what was likely the first balance lure for ice fishing in 1961, what we know today as the Jigging Rap.

    Two years later, another Finland-based ...
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    National Campaign Encourages Boat Safety

    A national safe boating campaign kicking off March 17-23 encourages boat operators to take a certified boat safety course.

    Spring Aboard – Take a Boating Education Course wants boaters to get educated prior to the start of the boating season.

    State Game and Fish ...
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    Gotta love a little hand-to-hand combat with freshwater gators — a bite that’ll keep gettin’ more good-er as the season progresses. J-Mitch says he’s yet to find anything better for catching big “toothy critters” ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    I’m staring at some heavy flakes right now out the office window, and like the rest of my ice fishing brethren, I’m thinking about how it’ll impact my ice journeys during the remainder of our season. It’s a reality of February, and especially March, that especially when traveling to different bites across the ice belt that you’ll contend with heavy snow. ...
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    You'll be lookin' good in no time!!!

    Visit Store: https://nodakangler.com/forums/content.php?911 ...
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    ND lake named in honor of slain northwest Minn. police chief; Jay Nelson served in both states

    Written By Marie Johnson

    A photo taken this winter shows a snow-covered Jay Nelson Lake, located just a few miles south of Medina, N.D., near Jamestown. The lake was recently named in honor of Jay Nelson, a Detroit Lakes native who was well-respected and well-liked as a longtime law enforcement officer. Submitted photo
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    Game and Fish Violations Tallied for 2018

    The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s enforcement division has tallied the number of hunting, angling and boating citations for 2018, and failure to carry a license was the number one violation. ...
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    Ice-fishing fun can be had without breaking budget

    By Scott Mackenthun

    Buy a suit or a fish house? Both serve the purpose of keeping you warm while on the ice. Photo by Scott Mackenthun
    Chad Courrier

    One of my favorite adaptations of fantasy football was the salary cap league.

    A spending limit on salaries made for an even playing field in divvying up the high-end and well-known talent. There was an incentive to find great value and you found yourself looking at matchups, players who would get an opportunity in the face of injury, and unproven rookies or under-utilized players looking for a second
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    by Joel Nelson

    Using an Otter as a Scouthouse could be the very best way to find fish to park on.
    Photo Credit - Matt Addington Photography
    Products featured:
    Otter XTH Lodge Hub

    It always amazes me how a sea of anglers can be so willing to sit over a featureless, and often ...
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    How to Pickle Pike

    A simple recipe for making bite-sized snacks you can share on the ice all month long.


    Winter in the Northland doesn’t stop all outdoor activity. For a few hearty souls, the cold weather and thick ice on the lakes means it’s time to get out and enjoy some ice fishing either with rod and reel, a tip up, or with a spear.

    However you catch
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    Water Temperatures Under Ice, The Ghost Factor

    by Matt Straw

    Every ice angler experiences it, sooner or later: A "guaranteed spot" that crawls with fish every winter suddenly fails to produce. Such events seem especially prevalent during extreme winters, like the one we experienced last year.

    The winter of 2013-14 produced thicker ice, heavier snowfall, and colder average temperatures than normal. Cleveland, Ohio, experienced more sub-zero ...
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    Trophy Walleye on Manitoba’s Gunisao Lake

    By Jason Mitchell

    We have been fortunate to have filmed some of the best walleye fishing in North America. Traveling to many renowned destination fisheries during peak times. We have experienced incredible walleye bites across the United States and Canada.

    There are fisheries ...
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    How to catch heavily-pressured metro walleyes

    When targeting heavily-pressured ‘eyes in the big city, you gotta think differently. Many of these fish have seen it all, and can’t be fooled by the “typical” approach…

    We tracked down Twin Cities (MN) native Andrew Osowski and had our minds blown by his approach to big metro gravel lizards…little outside the box, but clearly workin’ for him!

    > Andrew: Seems like a lot of guys will go deep midwinter…there’s definitely fish to ...
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    Search Strategies for Jumbo Perch at Late Ice

    By Jason Mitchell

    Ice anglers have long been infatuated with big jumbo perch and late ice is a prime window for targeting perch on a lot of different fisheries. In some states, game fish seasons close prior to the late ice period where as perch and other pan fish seasons remain open year-round. ...

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