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    Migrator Man

    Keep Fish Caught in Deep Water

    Catch and release tourneys should be banned from fishing deeper than 30’ if they want to be a good... Go to last post

    Migrator Man 01-15-2019 10:48 PM

    Keep Fish Caught in Deep Water

    A good article that everyone should pay heed too! Go to last post

    Honkerherms 01-15-2019 09:27 AM

    Make Your Suggestions Here

    I'll look into it, MSA. Go to last post

    Vollmer 01-02-2019 10:48 AM
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    by Joel Nelson

    Some of the best meals you’ll ever have are eaten outdoors. In the thick of it, while back-country camping or cooking shore lunch on a rocky Canadian Shield lake. Everything tastes better when you’ve hand-crafted it, worked for it.

    Winter’s version of
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    Go Mobile to Catch More Ice Walleyes

    by Joel Nelson

    The ability and willingness to go mobile when ice-fishing for walleyes can determine whether you catch fish or not. (Shutterstock image)

    Some of the most impactful nuggets of wisdom I’ve collected from guides, professional anglers and other fishy types have come at the least expected times. During some down-time on a filming trip with Fishing Hall of Fame photographer and videographer Billy Lindner, one of those moments occurred. We were dragging live-bait ...
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    by Tony Roach

    Rapala Jigging Raps, Rippin’ Raps and Slab Raps will all draw fish from far under the ice and into the strike zone below your hole. Knowing which one to tie on when will help you catch more and bigger fish this winter.

    “All of them can be deadly any time of year, but as a rule of thumb, I’ll rely on different ones at different times as my go-to ‘search’ bait,” says in-demand Minnesota fishing guide Tony Roach, an ICE FORCE® pro.

    Roach’s rule-of-thumb search-bait schedule
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    Fish ‘saddles’ for mid-winter walleyes

    Mid-winter can be a tough time to chase down walleyes…a combination of fishing pressure and cold temps often lead to lethargic fish and a finicky bite. I got ahold of ice-nut Forrest Leitch to get his take on finding productive water during the mid-winter lull:

    Forrest chases ‘eyes all over the ice belt, but spends most of his time fishing the Detroit Lakes area ...
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    Keep Fish Caught in Deep Water

    A push to encourage open-water anglers to keep fish caught from deep waters should carry over into the ice fishing season, according to the State Game and Fish Department.

    Catch-and-release fishing, no matter the time ...
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    Suspended Walleye? You Bet!

    The fish I aim to speak about in this blog is one that is spoken of quite frequently, whether it be in a posting on social medias, over numerous radio stations and or in the newspaper and is the topic of many controversial conversations ...
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    Lake Winnipeg Walleye Ice Fishing

    by Doug Stange

    If you want to catch lots of walleyes, including an excellent chance at fish over 10 pounds, we recommend a winter ice fishing trip to Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. We first told the story of this fantastic walleye fishery several years ago. Since then, we've returned every year and have caught hundreds ...
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    Mastering Monster Hardwater Pike

    by Dr. Jason Halfen

    Use these techniques to increase your chances of catching a trophy pike. (Shutterstock image)

    Northern pike, apex predators of the Ice Belt, sustain high levels of activity during the long winter months. In fact, the largest pike are pulled through 10-inch holes in the ice more frequently than they are hoisted into boats by warmwater anglers. Advances in hardwater technology
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    Water Temperatures Under Ice, The Ghost Factor

    by Matt Straw

    Every ice angler experiences it, sooner or later: A "guaranteed spot" that crawls with fish every winter suddenly fails to produce. Such events seem especially prevalent during extreme winters, like the one we experienced last year.

    The winter of 2013-14 produced thicker ice, heavier snowfall, and colder average temperatures than normal. Cleveland, Ohio, experienced more sub-zero days than during any winter ...
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    Hunting Gators

    By Jason Mitchell

    Northern pike have a rap sheet with ice anglers. These top end carnivores have always held a special place in ice fishing lore simply for their attitude. Some of my earliest ice fishing memories involved staring down a hole in a shallow weedy lake. The weeds seemed vibrant like a neon green carpet. We ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    Photo Credit - Matt Addington Photography

    Gear in Photo -

    -Marcum Lithium M5
    -Beaverdam Classic Tip-up
    -Striker Predator Bibs
    -Striker Combat Gloves
    -Engel Cooler

    Ice fishing is likely the fastest growing segment in all of sport fishing. That’s in no small part due to the development ...
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    Fishing Event Pits Devils Lake Against Lake Of The Woods

    In this screen shot from a video posted on Facebook Live from the St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show, Tanner Cherney (left) of the Devils Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau and Joe Henry of Lake of the Woods Tourism announce the upcoming Walleye Wars fish-off. The event is set for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 3, on the two lakes.
    GRAND FORKS — They’re calling it “Walleye Wars,” and it’s a fish-off, ...
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    The Ice Flasher VS LCD Sonar/GPS Debate

    What type of ice fish finder should I buy - A traditional ice flasher or an LCD Sonar/GPS combo?

    By Darrin Bohonis

    One of the most frequently asked questions I get as ice fishing season draws near is: “What type of ice fish finder should I consider- A traditional ice flasher or an LCD Sonar/GPS combo?” Overall, both are incredibly effective when it comes to discovering the depth and marking
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    by Joel Nelson

    Mike F. asks:
    Hey Joel - I was wondering what your preferred method of ice tackle organization is when you are fishing out of a portable? Do you find a tackle bag is the way to go or some other method? I can't seem to find anything that I'm satisfied with when it comes to having what I need easily accessible and
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    JIG 'EM UP!


    My favorite part of ice fishing is sitting on top of fish (albeit when some are present) and trying to trick them into biting! Here are some things I have learned from many winter days spent trying to trick fish.
    First things first. Winter anglers, regardless the fish species sought, use baits that they lift, drop, quiver, etc. in an effort to attract fish and get them to bite. The process of moving ...
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    North Dakota fisheries continue epic expansion

    by DOUG LEIER N.D. Game and Fish Department

    N.D. Fish and Game Department

    I’ve been typing and talking about the epic expansion of fisheries in North Dakota since the current wet cycle began in the early 1990s.

    Since this fortuitous natural phenomenon began 25 years ago, North Dakota ...
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    North Dakota Darkhouse Spearfishing Stats

    As anglers begin another winter of darkhouse spearfishing, now is a good time to look back on last winter’s record-breaking season.

    The 2017-18 North Dakota darkhouse spearfishing season set records for total participants and northern pike speared, according to statistics ...
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    Ice fishing panfish: Inline vs spinning reels

    By Brett McComas

    We’ve come a long way from those wooden jiggle sticks your grandpappy used to use in the darkhouse…handlining in panish next to a wood-burning stove. Nothing wrong with that [!] but if you’re looking to up your game, there’s a pile of new options for hardwater reels.

    So what’s best: Spinning or new-school ...

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