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    1. guywhofishes's Avatar
      guywhofishes -
      but... pirates

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    1. Vollmer's Avatar
      Vollmer -
      Well, you don't have to give a spot on the spot.

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    1. martinslanding's Avatar
      martinslanding -
      can you enter with a report that there is no report because you haven't gone out yet?

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    1. Vollmer's Avatar
      Vollmer -
      You get a -1 for that!

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    1. Flannel's Avatar
      Flannel -

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    1. Allen's Avatar
      Allen -
      I'd probably tell people that I caught 6 eyes and a perch over 3 hours down at Beaver Bay using spinners and minnows if I wanted any of that crap.

      Where's the beer?

      1 Not allowed!

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