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    Remembering A 25-LB (41″) WALLEYE

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  • NDGF Stocks Catfish, Trout And Pike

    North Dakota Game And Fish Stocks Catfish, Trout And Pike In Community Fisheries

    North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel have already stocked dozens of local community fisheries with catchable trout, catfish and pike, with additional lakes still to be stocked in early- to mid-May.

    Approximately 10,000 11-inch rainbow trout, 600 2- to 4-pound rainbow trout, 1,200 adult catfish, 1,100 adult pike and 1,100 1- to 3-pound cutthroat trout were recently stocked in community fisheries around the state.

    Fisheries production and development section leader Jerry Weigel said these stockings put catchable fish in waters that are easily accessible, and in or near communities throughout North Dakota.

    “Many have fishing piers and are a great opportunity for a first-time angler to catch fish,” Weigel said.

    • Adams – Mirror Lake (catfish)
    • Barnes – Hatchery Kids Pond (rainbow)
    • Burleigh – Cottonwood Park Pond (pike), OWLS Pond (cutthroat, rainbow), Wilton City Pond (rainbow)
    • Cass – Brooks Harbor Pond (rainbow, cutthroat), Casselton Pond (rainbow, cutthroat), Casselton Reservoir (pike), North Woodhaven Pond (rainbow)
    • Eddy – New Rockford Pond (pike)
    • Golden Valley – Beach City Pond (rainbow)
    • Grand Forks – Turtle River (rainbow)
    • McKenzie – Arnegard Dam (catfish), Watford City Park Pond (catfish, rainbow)
    • McLean – Camp Loop Pond (rainbow, catfish, pike), Custer Mine (rainbow), Painted Woods Pond (rainbow), Riverdale City Pond (rainbow)
    • Morton – Gaebe Pond (catfish, rainbow), Krieg’s Pond (catfish), Porsborg Dam (cutthroat, rainbow)
    • Mountrail – Stanley Pond (catfish)
    • Ransom – Mooringstone Pond (rainbow)
    • Renville – Glenburn Pond (catfish)
    • Richland – Mooreton Pond (cutthroat)
    • Stark – Belfield Pond (catfish, rainbow), Dickinson Dike (catfish, rainbow)
    • Stutsman – Little Britches Pond (rainbow, cutthroat)
    • Ward – State Fair Pond (rainbow, catfish)
    • Williams – East Spring Lake Pond (pike), West Spring Lake Pond (catfish, rainbow)

    In addition to these fisheries, Game and Fish personnel will continue stocking numerous trout lakes the next few weeks, including Glenburn Pond (Renville), Hazen Creek (Mercer), Lightning Lake (McLean), Little Heart Pond (Morton), Langdon City Pond (Cavalier), Oliver County Sportsmen’s Pond (Oliver), Ryan Park Pond (Grand Forks) and Stanley Pond (Mountrail).

    source: http://www.northlandoutdoors.com/201...ity-fisheries/

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