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  • DM Lures Produce NWT Winner


    …and he found the hawg trough! Sacked up 80.33 lbs (10 fish) over 2 days to take home the ‘dubyah’ and an $86,921 payday:
    If you’re wondering how he caught ’em, here’s the short answer:
    > John Hoyer: “Trolling is boring….”

    Lol! Okay now to dive in a bit deeper:

    > Hoyer: “We were fishing warm-water slicks along rock-to-sand transitions in 8-12′ [running 35-40 miles north of Marinette along the west shoreline]. Our entire team fished more secondary stuff…we were targeting fish that no one else was casting to.

    > “I threw the 3.3” [secret new size] “bass magic” Berkley PowerBait Power Swimmer on a 1/2-oz jig…learned about it at the Sturgeon Bay [Bass] Open. It’s a goby-pattern bait. I would reel it slow enough where it’s just making contact with the bottom.

    > “[Also caught ’em on] a DH Custom Baits painted lipless crankbait in “purple gold tigre.” I replaced the stock hooks with Berkley Fusion19 hooks, and that’s why I went 11 for 12 on bites. I used a 7′ 3″ medium-fast Thorne Bros custom rod…it’s literally the most sensitive rod money can buy.”

    Said he would rip the lipless hard when the bite was strong and slowly pull the rod upwards when the bite was stingy. Used a standard “redfire crawdad” color in dirtier water, and switched back to the custom-painted “purple gold tigre” when it was clear.

    I tracked down DH Custom Baits to figure out which lipless we were talkin’ and see what that “purple gold tigre” color was all about. Here’s a look-see at ’em (before the clear coat) along with the overnight package that was zipped Hoyer’s way. #CustomerServiceDialed

    Fished both baits on 10-lb
    Berkley FireLine Ultra 8 Carrier with a 12-lb Berkley Trilene 100% Fluoro leader. Had the leader tied to a snap and believed it gave the baits a more-erratic fall:

    > “…I was completely glued to my Lowrance SideScan, looking at it 5 times per cast. I became drawn to areas where we could mark them on SideScan. When you get hard sand and rock edges, they stick out like a sore thumb. The more time I spent in those kinds of areas, the more advantage I had with my electronics. …several times where we marked one and called our shot.

    > “This has been my #1 goal in life. Dreams do come true. I don’t know if it will ever settle in.”

    Earned it, dude! Nice guys finish last 1st.

    Btw — If you’re not following John Hoyer’s Instagram yet, better get on it! If he’s not in shut-off-the-phone-and-don’t-talk-to-me-pre-fish mode, he’s giving away daily tricks + techniques on his IG stories…for sure worth a click.

    source: http://targetwalleye.com/hoyer-went-...range-catches/

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