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    Ice Fishing: How Much Moving is Too Much?

    Should I stay or should I go? That is the biggest question we probably ask ourselves each day on the water. Should I sit in a spot or should I keep moving, keep looking? There are plenty of adages like never leave fish to find fish. Over the past few decades, mobility has been a mantra preached in ice fishing. People brag about drilling a hundred holes per ...
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    Steep and Deep for Fall Walleyes

    By In-Fisherman

    Fall is big-fish time, particularly for walleyes. Gone are the uncomfortably warm surface temperatures and fussy feeding attitudes of summer. Cooling water triggers walleyes to instinctually chow down in earnest in preparation for a long cold winter and an arduous spring spawn. Gone too are the summer angling and boating crowds. Quiet and solitude above the surface contrast with feeding ferocity below. It's a great time to be on the water.

    Fall walleyes follow another instinctual calling, and often are drawn to areas ...
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    Salmon Spawn Completed

    Fisheries crews completed their annual salmon spawning operation on the Missouri River System, collecting more than 1.8 million eggs.

    North Dakota Game and Fish Department Missouri River System fisheries biologist Russ Kinzler said ...
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    Tips For Targeting Shallow Water Walleye

    Shallow is relative. Ten feet might be shallow on some bodies of water where there are other fisheries where the basin or deepest water available might only be ten feet of water. We often catch walleye in shallow water but how shallow? A mistake I have made over and over in my own life is sometimes not fishing shallow enough.

    • Clam Flutter Spoon
    • Tikka Mino
    • Vexilar FL-28
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    Factoring Forage For Late Season Walleyes

    By Doug Stange

    Some of my best walleye fishing of the year often coincides with the rapid crash in water temperature on large Brainerd, Minnesota, area lakes near our In-Fisherman office, including famous 130,000 acre Mille Lacs, which lies 20 miles to the east. By the time the water temperature drops to about to 42.5°F, shallow rocky-gravelly ...
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    Early Ice Safety

    Pictured is Ice Team Pro Scott Seibert with a great early ice crappie. With first ice safety, don’t assume and be diligent on checking ice.

    Early ice is a coveted time for ice anglers. Anglers have been waiting to get out on the ice and are excited for a new season to begin. Early ice is also often some of the very best fishing of the winter. Combine the good fishing with the excitement of getting out on the ...
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    Top-Rated Walleye Jigs for Select Situations

    By Matt Straw

    Vulnerable. Alone. Moving slow on a horizontal plane, it saunters over rock and gravel, past emerging weeds, in and out of shadows. Could be an unconcerned minnow, oblivious to danger. Like Pepe Le Pew, prancing along, eyes closed, humming a love song, its reflection appears in sinister, unblinking eyes in the dark. But the ‘eyes rushing from those shadows are the vulnerable ones.

    The jigs I depend ...
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    Power Jigging Walleyes

    by Matt Straw

    In wavy seas a side-finding sonar screen circles your face. Somebody has to stare at it. No lines out. Just watching. The boat path forms sine waves over a basin flat in a search pattern taking us off structure.
    Way off.

    No man’s land.

    “There’s one,” says walleye guide Tony Roach as he seems to throw the boat into reverse and pitch back in the general direction of the mark at the same time. Fire drill. For me, standing and pitching at the same time—in waves—is hard enough. Roach is working a Northland Puppet Minnow. I have on a Rapala Jigging Rap.

    As the lures hit bottom, we rip them up 2 or 3 feet, let them fall, touch, and we rip again. No bait, and it’s not a vertical presentation, which so many believe is imperative with ...
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    Can't-Miss Techniques for Late-Summer and Early-Fall Walleyes

    By Josh Lantz

    Walleyes are still largely following established summer patterns in most lakes and rivers come early September, which generally means deeper water. Anglers targeting ‘eyes should start their searches in all the likely areas, namely offshore humps, deep weed lines, mid-depth flats, and man-made cribs in lakes, and at the bottom of the deeper pools in rivers and streams. But they should also be prepared to search shallower whenever ...
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    Eyes of Autumn: 5 Hot Spots for Midwest Walleye

    The fishing action heats up in September on four of the region's most prominent waters.

    Later in the fall, Iowa Great Lakes and Lake of the Woods anglers favor live bait. Shiners on jigs produce on LOTW, and large creek chubs on octopus hooks work on the Okoboji Chain. (Photo by Dr. Jason Halfen)

    By Dr. Jason Halfen

    Fall is a season of change: Green leaves turn brilliant shades of ...
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    Guide to Using Glide Baits for Walleye Fishing


    Over the past half dozen years, glide baits or jigging minnows like the classic
    Jigging Rap, Flat Rap, Tikka Mino, Shiver Minnow and Hyper Glide have become extremely popular with walleye anglers. While these heavy horizontal profile lures can be fished in shallow water, the weight of these lures gives them the added versatility of casting or jigging over deep water.
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    Paddletail Swimbaits for Late-Season Walleyes

    By Doug Stange

    Some of my best walleye fishing of the past season coincided late last fall with the rapid crash in water temperature on several large Brainerd-area, Minnesota, lakes, including 130,000-acre Mille Lacs, which lies 20 miles east of our office. By October 22, water temperature had dropped to 42.5°F, and many shallow rocky-gravelly shoals were being visited by schools of prespawn ciscoes, which spend most of the rest of the year roaming open water. The next week, with the water at 41°F, ciscoes were in full-scale spawning mode. Walleyes—big ones—were right ...
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    Zebra Mussels Discovered in Lake Elsie

    The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has confirmed the presence of invasive zebra mussels in Lake Elsie, Richland County, after a local cabin owner reported adult mussels attached to a boat lift over the Labor Day weekend. ...
    Published on 09-13-2021 06:33 AM
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    Catch Trophy Walleye with Swimbaits

    By Dan Johnson

    Paddletail or thumper-style swimbaits are a fundamental walleye lure category on par with crankbaits, livebait rigs, and other classic presentations. In-Fisherman has long championed paddletails, chronicling the latest baits, applications, and benefits of these hard-thumping, versatile softbaits.

    In the May issue, we looked at the paddletail's rise to prominence. The lure's storied history sets the stage for this discussion with top anglers on how they're using them to catch more and bigger walleyes.
    Northern Exposure

    In-Fisherman contributor and guide Jeff Matity says he's been following In-Fisherman Editor In Chief Doug Stange's swimbait teachings for nearly two decades. "It's paid off," he says. "What began as Stange's summertime weedline patterns has evolved into an all-season, ...
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    Top 3 Fall Spots for Walleyes

    By Ross Robertson

    When the leaves start to change colors, so does a walleye’s attitudes. It’s at this time that fish can be seemingly less picky when you locate them. Locating them, however, can be easier said than done. As a walleye guide, I like to use the word tricky because the “right spot” one day could mean less than 5 feet of ...
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    Deer Mortality Due to EHD

    Wildlife biologists continue monitoring an ongoing mortality event in white-tailed deer in central North Dakota. Since early August, the state Game and Fish Department has documented whitetail deer deaths ...
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    Rippin' Jigging Minnows for Non-Stop Walleye Action

    By Gord Pyzer

    “That might work up there where those guys were fishing, but it sure won’t work on my lake,” was the common refrain. Fast-forward and the most recent trend in walleye fishing is casting, trolling, and vertically jigging heavy, hard-bodied minnows like the Rapala Jigging Rap and Snap Rap, Moonshine Lures Shiver Minnow, Acme Hyper Glide, Northland Puppet Minnow, and Freedom Lures Turn Back Shad (hereafter referred to as jigging minnows)—during ...
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    Bowl Trolling for Walleye: Tips from Jason Mitchell

    During mid- to late-summer, many walleye anglers turn to trolling as their primary strategy. From flats and basins to contours, trolling lets anglers cover a wide area in less time to catch big fish scattered throughout the lake. When the weather gets especially hot, one pattern brings great success: trolling weed bowls. SCHEELS Pro Angler Jason Mitchell shares this late-season walleye strategy with us and gives a few tips ...
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    Walleye and the High-Action Plug Bite
    by Mark Romanack (Fishing 411 TV)

    In recent times crankbaits have ruled the roost on Lake Erie, and also on nearby Saginaw Bay. Population explosions fueled by back, to back, to back successful spawning year classes have both of these fisheries literally crawling with catchable fish.

    Walleye often T-bone high action plugs. It’s common for fish to be hooked on the front treble or to have the entire plug choked down their throat.

    Natural reproduction can be a fleeting gift, but fortunately for those who enjoy targeting walleye, the fish Gods have shined brightly on these fisheries. To say recent ...
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    Audubon Boat Ramps to Become Unusable

    Five of the six boat ramps on Lake Aububon will become unusable in the coming weeks.
    The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is planning to lower the Lake Audubon water level ...

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