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    Late Summer Walleyes – 3 Deadly Tips to Catch a Limit

    by Joel Nelson

    Walleyes often move deep in late summer; these three proven tactics will help bring them boatside.

    Vertical jigging with heavy jigs and live bait works well on fish schooling around deep structure. (Matt Addington Photo)

    A buddy of mine says it more as a defense mechanism when his late-summer calendar fills ...
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    Fall Walleye on the Rocks

    By Jason Mitchell

    Big boulders and rock locations can hold walleye through the year but on so many different fisheries, these locations seem even more appealing in the fall. Boulders in deep water (that might range from fifteen to forty feet of water) are especially productive. Deep structural elements like points or main lake ...
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    Find and Catch Open Water Basin Walleyes

    These areas can offer excellent warm-weather walleye action, but first you have to find the fish.

    by Jeff Knapp

    By late summer, walleyes are typically either suspended near baitfish, holding in stump fields, holding on outside edges of weedbeds or relating to bottom composition changes. (Shutterstock image)

    Though perhaps thought of as a primary target species more in spring and fall when water temperatures are cooler, walleyes ...
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    Fall Walleye by the Hour

    By Jason Mitchell

    Fall walleye fishing is often heralded by anglers as one of the best times of the year for good fishing. Plenty of big fish potential as females begin to put on egg mass. Fall patterns are often drawn out and consistent. Compared to the spring, there are way fewer boats to compete against compared to the same fisheries after ice out. Compared to spring, I would also dare say that the patterns
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    Night Stalking Late-Summer Walleyes

    Mike Pehanich

    The bite at night turns on in late summer in the Midwest. Go get your limit now.

    By sunset, summer boat traffic has died down. Get ready for the night bite! (Photo by Brad Richardson, Get ‘n Bit Productions)

    One of the unexpected byproducts of COVID-19 has been a major surge in boating activity on our lakes and rivers. While that may be good news for the boating industry, odds are that it hasn’t made your summer fishing outings ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    Over the years, I’ve been shown by other anglers a number of ways to make fish taste better. Nearly all of them involve drawing blood from the fish by washing, salt, or general care of the catch before ever getting to the filleting stage. It’s a fascinating ...
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    Record Lakes Stocked with Walleye Fingerlings

    North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel are finishing stocking a record 180 lakes across the state with nearly 12 million walleye fingerlings.
    Fisheries production and development supervisor Jerry Weigel said the number of lakes bested the previous high by nearly 30 waters.
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    Mid and Late Summer Crankbaits

    by M. Hammeren

    The 4th of July is now behind us, summer is heating up and the fishing on Sakakawea is going strong. In my last few trips to the lake I have noticed water temps over 70 degrees on the main lake and approaching 75 in the bays. The lake is in a very interesting transition at the moment. The last few weeks have proceeded
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    Big Prop Crankbait Tactics

    by Jason Mitchell

    In past articles, we have shared some effective trolling tactics that incorporate the use of a bow mount trolling motor. Particularly early in the year, creeping along with a bow mount trolling motor to pull crankbaits is simply deadly particularly in shallow water or when slow speeds ...
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    Anglers Should Keep Fish Caught in Deep Water

    North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel encourage anglers to keep fish caught from depths of more than 25 feet, rather than practice catch-and-release.

    Scott Gangl, Game and Fish fisheries management section leader, said while catch-and-release ...
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    What's Going On With Walleyes?

    by Scott Mackenthun

    Habitat changes across some of the Midwest's finest walleye waters have negatively affected populations of the iconic species. What can anglers do to help?

    Habitat shifts in Midwestern lakes show a trend of declining walleye abundance and increasing bass and sunfish abundance, according to several published studies. (Shutterstock ...
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    Fishing for Walleyes

    by Doug Stange

    For thousands of years before these times, men and women hunted, fished, and gathered. These ancestors lived this way as a matter of survival, though even paintings on cave walls show that they celebrated and surely enjoyed their encounters.

    Times have ...
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    Make it Snappy for Walleyes

    by Jeff Knapp

    When walleyes turn off to live bait offerings, switch to an aggressive snap jig presentation to trigger a reaction bite.

    When the live bait bite goes south, turning to an alternate presentation or technique, like snap jigging, can often turn the fish back on. (Photo by Jeff Knapp)

    To be a successful walleye angler, you must master a wide array of presentation ...
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    The Skinny on Shallow Walleyes

    Matt Straw

    Ring-worm-style soft plastics paired with an appropriately sized jighead produce walleyes all summer long. (Photo by Matt Straw)

    We pulled up on the base of a reef complex that stretches way out into Rainy Lake on the Minnesota side. Rocks were visible a few feet under the surface at the high points, but bottom was invisible through the stained water around the edges where depths reached 6 to 8 feet.

    Pitching soft plastics on light jigs to the darker edges and troughs, we caught ...
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    Fishing for Free June 6-7

    North Dakota residents who want to give fishing a try are reminded they can fish for free June 6-7.
    That is the state’s free fishing weekend, when all residents age 16 and older ...
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    Bottom Bouncer Basics for Walleye

    By Jason Mitchell

    In both North and South Dakota, bottom bouncer rigs have been catching walleye on the Missouri River reservoirs for an awfully long time. The popularity of bottom bouncers however has expanded far and wide. Come mid-summer, bottom bouncers are probably my go to presentation to catch walleyes day ...
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    Walleye Tagging Studies

    The North Dakota Game and Fish Department continues to conduct walleye tagging studies across the state.
    At Lake Sakakawea, the state’s largest fishery, Department fisheries biologists are in the second year of a four-year ...
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    Rig Mods & More for Spring Walleyes

    by Steve Ryan

    As soon as rivers clear of ice, walleyes are ready to greet the first crop of diehard anglers. With a long winter to ready gear, reels are spooled with new line and tackle boxes restocked with all standard jig sizes and colors. Just add a minnow and anticipation runs high for that first solid thump at the end of the line.

    This spring ritual repeats itself year after year on productive walleye rivers across the country. What also ...
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    Fishing Tournament Permit Update

    The North Dakota Game and Fish Department does not intend to revoke any fishing tournament permits for the remainder of this year, unless the coronavirus pandemic warrants such a decision.

    Fisheries ...
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    When Crazy Crankbait Colors Shine for Walleyes

    by Cory Schmidt

    There was a time when friends and I went cuckoo for crankbait colors. Each time a new Shad Rap, Hot ‘N Tot or ThunderStick color appeared on the pegs, we couldn’t help ourselves. Fish took cracks at most of these patterns, even the wildly colored, obnoxious ones. I suspect much of the lures’ appeal stemmed from their proven, dead-on shape, action, and vibration. But other factors being equal, color can become the trump card, often the best way to separate yourself from the pack.

    Scott Stecher, owner of Reef Runner Fishing Lures, knows the quirky, persnickety nature of the ...

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