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    by Brandon Owczarzak

    It’s no secret that walleye can be very active after dark, but there’s a pattern that happens every fall on many water systems where you can encounter some of the best fishing of the year. And you’ll have more opportunities for big fish that are leaving the comfort of their deep water summer homes. No matter if you’re a boat angler, or shore angler, there’s ...
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    River Walleyes and Saugers: Fishing the Fall Bite


    As the weather gets cooler, with frost on the pumpkin, many outdoor folk’s sights are set on the fall hunting season and the upcoming holidays. For the angler, this is a great time of year to target walleyes and saugers in rivers.

    In the fall, as the water temperature drops, walleyes and saugers will make a run up the river similar to the spring ...
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    The K-Drill Story

    The Story Behind the Success of the K-Drill

    Many are learning about the K-Drill for the first time, so many may be surprised to know the story of the K-drill spans nearly 60 years in development. Named after the Kluge family that created one of the first gas powered ...
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    Lake Trout Popularity


    Lake trout are a fascinating fish to target through the ice and I would dare say the popularity of lake trout has grown immensely over the past decade. When we first developed the Mackinaw series of ice rods in our Jason Mitchell Rod lineup back in 2005, there were very few rods on the market designed for lake trout ...
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    by Tony Roach

    Leave the bait bucket at home this fall – you can load your boat with panfish by targeting breaklines with the Rapala® Jigging Rap®.

    “I’ve almost exclusively gone away from live bait, and Jigging Raps have allowed me to do that,” says Tony Roach, an in-demand fishing guide on Minnesota’s Mille Lacs Lake. “I’m getting more strikes, ...
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    4 Proven Fall Walleye Tactics

    by Jim Edlund
    Guide Tom Neustrom utilizes a jig-and-minnow setup in the fall. He targets fish around 25 to 30 feet during the daytime. (Photo by Jim Edlund)

    Several top guides and pros open up about unique ways to catch more 'eyes now.

    Ask seriouswalleye anglers their favorite time to fish and many inevitably say fall. Fall can be great for numbers and big fish as waters cool and fish move from summer patterns into colder conditions. Although fish metabolism starts slowing in cooler waters, they do go on feeding ...
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    Ice fishing panfish: Inline vs spinning reels


    We’ve come a long way from those wooden jiggle sticks your grandpappy used to use in the darkhouse…handlining in panish next to a wood-burning stove. Nothing wrong with that [!] but if you’re looking to up your game, there’s a pile of new options for hardwater reels.

    So what’s best: Spinning or new-school inline reels? We picked ...
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    How to find (big) fish on NEW lakes

    By (mostly Brett) at Target Walleye

    Fishing the same lakes each time out can get a bit stale…plus you’ll probably never stick that new PB (personal best) if you’re pokin’ around the same community holes day after day!

    TW fam Will Stolski tracked down a couple of ice-heads who love breaking down new-to-them water — and do it frequently — to get their take on where to start….

    Still not sure how he got Sam “Sobi” Sobieck on the phone…dude is ultra-busy [!] and on the road 24/7. Sobi’s ...
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    Frank's Tackle Box: Searching for gold this fall

    by Frank Clark For The Sudbury Star

    Matthew Eles is a local young gun that spends a lot of time on the water. Here are his comments on fall walleye: “In the fall, I focus on deep humps that are close to deep water. The fish will slide up and down these humps all throughout the day. I use sonar and GPS to help me find out where schools of fish are relating to ...
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    Walleye Issues: Esocid Factors

    by Cory Schmidt

    Sustaining a healthy walleye fishery often depends on balanced pike and perch populations.While talking predator-prey dynamics with retired fishery scientist Jim Lilienthal, a thought occurred to me, as it probably had to him long ago, that every freshwater fish exists at the expense of others. Add humans into the mix and unexpected outcomes can elevate those “expenses.” For decades, anglers and darkhouse spearers have shunned the harvest of small pike, certainly in part because of the extra effort of removing pesky Y-bones. The targeted slaughter of large pike has produced just such an unexpected outcome, and possibly one of the great walleye dilemmas of a generation. ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    It’s tough to beat a Shad Rap for multiple applications (trolling and casting) in both rivers and lakes.

    Matt K. asks: Hey man, I was wondering if you have any recommendations for crankbaits being used for walleyes in shallow rocks (river dam)? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Snap jigging plastics for shallow fall walleyes

    by Will Stolski

    Over the last 4-5 years, snap jigging has become a hot topic within the world of walleye fishing. Much of this is due to (who many would call) the pioneer of the technique: Al Lindner. While snap jigging has become a popular summer technique, it also transitions nicely into the fall months.

    I tracked down walleye-nut Will Pappenfus ...
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    Hunting Walleye at First Ice

    By Jason Mitchell

    The first ice period often offers opportunities to catch aggressive walleye in shallow water. On many fisheries… prime time is typically around sunrise and sunset. Ice anglers often anticipate this prime-time period and experience great fishing. While these fish can be aggressive and easy to catch, landing in the right place

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    Open-Water Strategies for Giant Walleye

    by Steve Ryan

    It’s the third pass of the morning and the planer boards are falling back like we’re trolling through standing timber. They aren’t merely surging backward, they’re being buried as trolling rods strain under the heavy pressure on the other end of the line. Being seven miles offshore on northern Green Bay, the closest standing timber is on distant limestone bluffs that overlook these underfished waters. The “logs” we are encountering are walleyes between 25 and 32 inches. There’s hardly a small fish in the bunch and that’s ...
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    Deep Thinking for Fall Walleyes

    by Mark Romanack
    The fall walleye bite often occurs on the vast open waters of the Great Lakes, larger impoundments and natural lakes. (Photo by Mark Romanack)

    When walleyes hold deeper than many popular crankbaits can reach, it's time to adapt with snap weights and precise depth control.

    Have you ever been trolling a crankbait only to realize it's not diving deep enough to reach the fish indicated on the sonar unit? This is a common trolling scenario occurring just about everywhere ...
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    How to Calibrate Line-Counter Fishing Reels

    by Mark Romanack
    The more accurate your line-counting reel is, the more walleye trollers you’ll catch. (Shutterstoick image)

    Line counters are inherently inaccurate. Here's how to get your walleye bait in the zone.

    Most anglersthink ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    The word “transitions” may be one of the more overused terms in fishing today. We hear about mud-to-sand or sand-to-rock transitions, seasonal transitions, and bait transitions; to the point where the word tends to lose its meaning. Yet, it’s highly appropriate when discussing fall walleyes, ...
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    Hoyer wins NWT on Devils Lake

    by Brett Carlson

    Four years ago, John Hoyer decided to commence his transition from guide and co-angler to professional walleye fisherman. His teammates and travel partners knew he was ready. After all, in 2015 he won the Co-angler of the Year award on the National Walleye Tour, presented by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. What they didn’t know was that Hoyer would soon become the hottest walleye stick on the planet. In his last three NWT events, Hoyer has finished first, second and first. The one common denominator from each event is casting. Hoyer’s latest casting crusade came at Devils Lake during the premier event in walleye fishing.

    Hoyer started the final day of the championship essentially tied with friend Dusty Minke. While Minke had an excellent ...
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    Walleye Lures: A Shade Beyond Convention

    by Cory Schmidt

    It’s not every day you get shots at big schools of hungry, heavyweight walleyes. If you’re blessed, it happens often enough each season to give you the opportunity to experiment with something new and maybe even a bit crazy presentation-wise. I’m lucky to live near a lake where, in good years, numerous 8- to 10-pounders are the subjects of my experiments and, at times, prove crazy ideas have value.

    Special waters like these often give us a place to develop confidence in new presentations. This lake is where I developed a love for fishing for walleyes in vegetation. It’s ...
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    A change in presentation can make all the difference.

    Written By: Paul Nelson

    Fall fishing patterns are slowly developing on lakes in the Bemidji area. Surface water temperatures are in the mid-60s in most lakes, so water temperatures have stalled a bit in the past week.

    The thermocline on the deep lakes will start to break down as soon as the water temperatures above that line get close to water temperatures below.

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