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    Best Drive-To Pike Waters

    by Gord Pyzer

    Pike Action Canada

    You’re flying higher than a kid on Christmas morning as you climb into the co-pilot seat of the floatplane that’s tied to the dock at a remote northern Canadian air base. You smell the lingering fumes of Avgas as you look out the window and catch a glimpse of the dockhand giving the pilot a thumbs up as he throws clear the mooring ropes. You pull the headphones over your ears as the propeller turns over two, three, four times and then roars to life in a cloud of smoke.

    The pilot taxis out to the middle of the lake, ...
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    North Dakota Game And Fish Stocks Catfish, Trout And Pike In Community Fisheries

    North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel have already stocked dozens of local community fisheries with catchable trout, catfish and pike, with additional lakes still to be stocked in early- to mid-May.

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    Article Preview

    Special Issue: Early-season walleye locations and presentations

    Doin’ things a bit differently (and a day early) with this Special Issue! We brought in Fishing Hall of Famer + media legend Steve Quinn [!] and set him loose on the topic of: Early-season walleye locations and presentations.

    Steve tracked down some of the best fish-catchers in the biz to get the scoop on how they plan to #TargetWalleye during this chilly, high-water, late ice-out spring. Hope you put these tips to good use this weekend — thx much for reading! Handing over the reins now. – Brett

    By Steve Quinn

    “The time is now. Just go. Go! I don’t care how. ...
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    Killer Tips for Catching Pike with Dead Baits

    by Mike Gnatkowski
    Shutterstock image

    Dead baits under a float provide an easy meal for early-spring northern pike.

    Anglers think of northern pike as swift, vicious predators capable of quick bursts of speed used to engulf hapless prey.

    But pike aren’t above a free lunch ...
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    Midwest Bass Insights

    By Tayler Michels

    The upper Midwest is home to arguably some of the best largemouth bass fishing when you consider the sheer volume of unpressured fish. In regions like Minnesota and Wisconsin where walleye have long dominated the fishing scene, bass on many lakes hardly get noticed but the tides are beginning to change.

    Accessible fishing ...
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    To catch early-season walleyes, cast the Rapala® Rippin’ Rap®, an X-Rap® and the Shadow Rap® around shallow rock piles, sand flats and break lines, rather than trolling plugs or soaking live bait. That’s how Tony Roach will be catching ‘em on the Minnesota Fishing Opener, May 11.

    “The nice thing about pitching a Rippin’ Rap or another bait you cast is you won’t spook those fish up in the shallow water – you’ll catch them,” says Roach, an in-demand fishing guide on Mille Lacs Lake.

    Because early-season ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    Photo Credit - Matt Addington Photography

    In the last article, we defined the terms “power” and “action” while discussing the benefits of specific types of each. Those terms are fairly objective, which makes the next part of the process more difficult. The perfect walleye jigging rod if you will, ...
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    Understanding and Using Muddy Water to your Advantage

    by Ross Robertson

    Facebook Instagram

    “Clear as Mud” - Years ago that was what grandma called our jibberish talk as we politicized for cookies. Today, “Clear as Mud” is a familiar term and sight for ...
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    Catchable Trout, Catfish, Pike Stocked

    North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel have already stocked dozens of local community fisheries with catchable trout, catfish and pike, with additional lakes still to be stocked in early- to mid-May.
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    Some Lakes Suffer Winterkill

    North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries biologists investigated winterkills at several lakes this spring, and some were considered significant enough to affect the quality of fishing. Biologists will continue to monitor suspect ...
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    Update on Lake Sakakawea

    On Lake Sakakawea the proportion of fish harvested over 20 inches by anglers is actually smaller than what is out there.
    Tuesday, April 30, 2019 3:15 a.m.

    Doug Leier

    You often hear veteran anglers and biologists refer to the current status of North Dakota’s fisheries as “the good old days.”

    Of course, that’s a general reference and each individual ...
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    3 Tactics for Walleyes in Adverse Conditions

    by Mark Sak

    Crankbaits are a popular spring presentation for walleyes. In weed-free environments, bouncing these off the bottom can be very effective. (Photo by Ron Sinfelt)

    The walleye bite can sometimes be toughearly in the season. Here are a few key presentations for bringing them in during challenging circumstances.

    There are certain statements no walleye angler ever wants to hear. “The fish have lockjaw and the bite has been off, but two weeks ago we really got ...
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    Fine Line Walleye

    By Jason Mitchell

    Trusting your electronics has become cliché with walleye fishing but there is an art to distinguishing what you see on your electronics. There are also so many situations where you just won’t mark fish right below the boat particularly in shallow water.

    As I have gotten better at reading my sonar over the ...
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    The Fine Line Between Catch-and-release And Catch-and-kill

    by John Myers

    When releasing a fish, use two hands to support the internal organs. Set the fish gently in the water, or better yet, leave it in the water while you remove the hook. Never touch the gills or eyes. File photo
    DULUTH — The email stood out among dozens waiting in the inbox on a Monday morning, and then a phone call came to rub it in.

    They were both trout anglers, upset at one or more of the many online photographs of fish in a Sunday outdoors section story about the Brule River steelhead fishing opener.

    The fish in the photo was being mishandled, they said, and probably ...
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    Paddlefish Snagging Season Opens May 1

    North Dakota’s 2019 paddlefish snagging season opens May 1 and is scheduled to continue through May 21. However, depending on the overall harvest, an early in-season closure may occur with a 24-hour notice issued by the state Game and Fish Department.
    Legal snagging hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. One tag per snagger will be issued. Snagging is legal in all areas of the Yellowstone River in ...
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    How to Catch Early Season Walleye

    by Andy Buss

    Few people in America will argue that walleye is the tastiest of freshwater fish. Northern anglers across the country spend millions of dollars chasing them for the dinner table, and walleye fishing tournaments are gaining steam in popularity. With northern waters now thawing, and Megaware protecting your boat, there is no better time to stuff your freezer with early season walleye.

    When it comes to fishing, Minnesota and the “Up North” ...
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    Don’t forget to “summerize” your ice-fishing gear.

    Because we betcha haven’t done it yet…are we right? Lol.

    It can be easy to pile all your ice schtuff in the corner of the garage and leave it for next year — I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been “that guy” and it cost me…never again. Taking the time to properly “summerize” your ice gear can save you from a big headache come next season.


    > If you’re running ...
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    Devils Lake walleye population update

    by Doug Leier

    A couple of weeks ago I highlighted a status report featured on the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s weekly webcast, Outdoors Online, relating to the Missouri River- Lake Oahe walleye fishery. This week, I’ll summarize the webcast’s ...

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