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    That’s my Son. I can post another photo! Maybe you guys can look at it better.

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    Riverbottoms 01-17-2020 10:33 AM

    Michigan's 21" Perch???

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    Exactly my thoughts Go to last post

    8andcounting 01-03-2020 10:46 PM
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    The true(?) story of Michigan's 21-inch state-record yellow perch (PHOTO)

    Everybody’s heard a big fish story. Some are credible; some are not.

    Doug Seibert, a retired Gladwin High School teacher and long-time taxidermist, has a story that is just so incredible, well … you have to hear it.

    The story starts a little more than a decade ago.

    “I’ve been doing fish taxidermy for a lot of years as a hobby,” Seibert said. “Some of the fish I get come from commercial fishermen and the fins and tails are beat up pretty badly. I had a former student of mine stop by one day and I was whining to him about how I needed some perch fins and tails.

    “A few weeks later,” Seibert ...
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    Panfish in the Abyss

    By Jason Mitchell

    Both bluegill and crappie often suspend or move out over deep water basins on many bodies of water each winter. Deep and basin are often relative descriptions to describe a large offshore bowl of deeper water but more specifically, look for the bowls or basins that bottom out between ...
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    Contour Lake Maps on Website

    North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel recently added new fishing waters to the list of available contour maps on the Game and Fish website.

    In addition, Jerry Weigel, fisheries production ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    Here’s my preferred grip about 80% of the time.
    Photo Credit - Matt Addington Photography

    It’s probably nuts to suggest that there’s an improper way to pick up a jigglestick and catch fish, but I’ll stop short of that by saying there’s some methods better than others. Far be it from me to tell another person how to grip their favorite ice fishing rod, but over the years I’ve ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    Photo Courtesy Guy Cunningham.

    At the end of last ice season, I read a disturbing first-hand account of a lakeshore owner who spent a few days picking up trash on her hometown lakes. She was careful not to accuse any group or point fingers, and simply stated everything she had found immediately after the ice ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    Ice augers these days are undergoing a modern revolution of sorts, with all kinds of “firsts” and “never-before’s.” We’ve got companies moving away from gas engines in a big way, with one of the largest manufacturers in Strikemaster removing them from their lineup completely, favoring lighter ...
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    NodakAngler 2019 Ice Fishing Contest

    I am intrigued by the idea of running friendly competitions for you guys via the FishDonkey app, so i have set one up.

    It will run from Dec 13 - January 31.

    A winner for the combined length of ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    Online organized tourneys like Shack Slam have plenty of advantages over traditional formats. Click here for more information - https://catchcover.com/shackslam/

    Whether you’ve ever fished an actual tournament, or have casually followed the many series of events that happen ...
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    Crappie on the Ceiling

    By Jason Mitchell

    Never say never and never say always with fishing but when it comes to catching big crappie through the ice, there are a few lessons that seem repeating. Doesn’t matter if you find crappie suspended over basins or classic wintering holes. Could be shallow weeds or pencil reeds. Maybe sharp breaking ...
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    Rippin' Jigging Minnows for Non-Stop Walleye Action

    by Gord Pyzer

    “That might work up there where those guys were fishing, but it sure won’t work on my lake,” was the common refrain. Fast-forward and the most recent trend in walleye fishing is casting, trolling, and vertically jigging heavy, hard-bodied minnows like the Rapala Jigging Rap and Snap Rap, Moonshine Lures Shiver Minnow, Acme Hyper Glide, Northland Puppet Minnow, and Freedom Lures Turn Back Shad (hereafter referred to ...
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    by Joel Nelson

    The combination of the St. Croix CCI Search Bait Rod and this reel makes for a dynamite Jigging Rap/Walleye setup! - Photograph by Matt Addington


    Over the years, I’ve owned a pile of ice rods, each of them with some type of reel strapped on for about any species that swims under ice. Most perform quite well to be honest, though there’s increasing competition in the space for who is top of the heap. All of which is a bit mis-leading, because it’s hard to crown any-one reel brand or size the true “winner,” as it all depends on what kind of ruler you use to do the measuring.

    With that in mind, here’s what I look for in a good ice reel. Note that these criteria are solely my own, and you may have a different litmus test for what’s the best. I tend to focus on the following attributes, in this order:

    • Cold Weather Performance – An ice reel needs to operate on, well….ice. You’d be surprised how many ice reels gum up in extreme cold, and how many more have drag issues when taken back and forth between warm and cold. Of course, these scenarios play out on ice daily, and because so many manufacturers like to freezer test then slap approval on a product, there’s plenty on the market that don’t operate well. Ball bearings be damned, I’ve had some high count ball bearing reels that goo-up when it gets cold.
    • Price – Especially with ice reels, few species require you spend up the chain to get a quality performer. There are specialty exceptions, but the price vs. performance curve really starts to plateau at $60-70. There are also some great reels at half that price, so you really don’t have to break the bank to get a great ice reel.
    • Drag – Better drags are what you tend to get for more money, but you can tweak drags with aftermarket carbon fiber discs, so even poorer drags can be upgraded pretty cheap. For the most part, I’m concerned with quality drag when it comes to large perch and up. Trophy caliber predators like walleye, pike, lakers, and the like require a really good drag. You’ll simply pay more for better reels with better drags, and if you’re targeting these species, you should.
    • Weight – Most ice reels these days are all within a few ounces of each other, but with the increasing sensitivity and weight-savings of custom rods these days, every ounce matters. It affects the balance of the rod, where I’ll mount them, and ultimately can make or break any combination of rod and reel you have.
    • Ball Bearings – I don’t care. There, I said it. To be more accurate, I care, but there’s so much misleading information on what ball bearings do for you, location of quality ones matters more than sheer number of them placed inside of a reel. That’s information you get through supreme nerdery and lots of experience, and even then, the above criteria tend to sort the best from the rest before we ever get down to ball bearings.

    Here’s a few of my favorites:

    The Panfish/Value Play –

    Shimano Sienna 500 – Let’s start with the O.G. of lean/mean ice reels in the Sienna. Mind you, it’s not the best, but it was never designed to be. It’s a great reel, for a good price, that’s been proven for most of my panfish setups. Can you do better? Oh yeah, and the drag should be updated too, as it’s sluggish in extreme cold, then too forgiving back in the shack. Still, it’s a volume over quality scenario if you’re putting numbers of reels on a pile of panfish rods. To achieve quality, I probably wouldn’t look to spend less than the price of a Sienna.

    Okuma Ceymar C10
    – You get a lot in this reel, and it’s performed well for me on ice with a few upgrades from the Sienna. I especially like the oversized bail, as I can be pretty tough on my stuff like most ice anglers. The drag is just like the Sienna’s – oiled felt – though I didn’t think it benefitted from a custom disc drag I put in it as much as the Sienna did. Advantage Ceymar. That said, I haven’t owned these as long, so I have no idea how well they’ll hold up over time. Advantage Sienna. Call it a push?

    Sportscar Edition

    If you’re looking for the best of the best, and cost isn’t as much a consideration, ...
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    Paddletail Swimbaits for Late-Season Walleyes

    by Doug Stange

    Some of my best walleye fishing of the past season coincided late last fall with the rapid crash in water temperature on several large Brainerd-area, Minnesota, lakes, including 130,000-acre Mille Lacs, which lies 20 miles east of our office. By October 22, water temperature had dropped to 42.5°F, and many shallow rocky-gravelly shoals were being visited by schools of prespawn ciscoes, which spend most of the rest of the year roaming open water. The next week, with the water at 41°F, ciscoes were in full-scale spawning mode. Walleyes—big ones—were right there with them. It’s one of many predator-prey ...
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    Winter river walleye jigging techniques

    by Dan Durbin

    Most people are thinking rutting bucks this time of year, but world champion walleye angler Tommy Kemos still has marble eyes on the brain.

    The Oconomowoc, Wis., resident invited me to fish the Rock River in Jefferson County last Monday and while we expected cold, he thought the fishing could be hot, since fish set up in the river to load up on calories before winter.

    The Crater Head, a new stand-up jig ...
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    by Brandon Owczarzak

    It’s no secret that walleye can be very active after dark, but there’s a pattern that happens every fall on many water systems where you can encounter some of the best fishing of the year. And you’ll have more opportunities for big fish that are leaving the comfort of their deep water summer homes. No matter if you’re a boat angler, or shore angler, there’s ...
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    River Walleyes and Saugers: Fishing the Fall Bite


    As the weather gets cooler, with frost on the pumpkin, many outdoor folk’s sights are set on the fall hunting season and the upcoming holidays. For the angler, this is a great time of year to target walleyes and saugers in rivers.

    In the fall, as the water temperature drops, walleyes and saugers will make a run up the river similar to the spring ...
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    The K-Drill Story

    The Story Behind the Success of the K-Drill

    Many are learning about the K-Drill for the first time, so many may be surprised to know the story of the K-drill spans nearly 60 years in development. Named after the Kluge family that created one of the first gas powered ...
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    Lake Trout Popularity


    Lake trout are a fascinating fish to target through the ice and I would dare say the popularity of lake trout has grown immensely over the past decade. When we first developed the Mackinaw series of ice rods in our Jason Mitchell Rod lineup back in 2005, there were very few rods on the market designed for lake trout ...
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    by Tony Roach

    Leave the bait bucket at home this fall – you can load your boat with panfish by targeting breaklines with the Rapala® Jigging Rap®.

    “I’ve almost exclusively gone away from live bait, and Jigging Raps have allowed me to do that,” says Tony Roach, an in-demand fishing guide on Minnesota’s Mille Lacs Lake. “I’m getting more strikes, ...
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    4 Proven Fall Walleye Tactics

    by Jim Edlund
    Guide Tom Neustrom utilizes a jig-and-minnow setup in the fall. He targets fish around 25 to 30 feet during the daytime. (Photo by Jim Edlund)

    Several top guides and pros open up about unique ways to catch more 'eyes now.

    Ask seriouswalleye anglers their favorite time to fish and many inevitably say fall. Fall can be great for numbers and big fish as waters cool and fish move from summer patterns into colder conditions. Although fish metabolism starts slowing in cooler waters, they do go on feeding ...

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