Missouri River

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Planning on coming back for the weekend from school was just wondering how the fishing has been on the river lately. any information helps

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Missouri River


  1. Lycanthrope's Avatar
    Kinda crappy from what I have heard, but havent been out myself recently.

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  2. Fitz's Avatar
    Has it been pretty crappy up and down the river? I was thinking about getting out myself. Wasn't sure if I should try the gun range or Hazelton area.

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  3. BDub's Avatar
    Bring lots of minnows and go to Hazelton or south.

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  4. wildeyes's Avatar
    hazelton south

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  5. svnmag's Avatar
    Getting to be trout time at the 'race.

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  6. LITREOFCOLA's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by svnmag
    Getting to be trout time at the 'race.
    Interesting, if you don't mind me asking, how does one target these trout from shore at the race? I caught a 8 pound rainbow last summer flipping raps for walleye, I would love to catch another. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  7. DirtyMike's Avatar
    Do exactly as you were previously. Fish for everything else but a trout. That's about the only time I've tied into them.

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  8. JayKay's Avatar
    Yes, say this out loud "If I catch one of them dirty bastage trouts, I will cut the line - don't want to touch them - the bigger they are, the more I hate them". Then hang on to your rod with both hands.

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  9. Kourtsdad's Avatar
    New to the community. I've been creepin' it for awhile, so thanks for all the leads you've shared. I've fished the tail race a few times, only catching cats and buffalo so far. For the trout, if I am going to not try for them, which side is better from shore? Lastly, is it best to try and be as close to the dam as possible? Thanks!

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  10. LITREOFCOLA's Avatar
    I was fishing off the east side rocks last night for a few hours. I casted everything in my tackle box with no results, not a single bite. I don't know about everyone else, but this summer has been terrible fishing for me at the tailrace.

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  11. svnmag's Avatar
    I've had to most luck with trout there during this time of year around the blocks either by throwing the biggest jointed Rap available for pike or the smallest floater I could cast without weight. Caught quite a few eaters by twitching the floater on the surface targeting a rise. I suppose one could also do well with spawn sacks under a slip bobber in addition to crawlers and fresh smelt.

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  12. svnmag's Avatar
    Now don't get the impression I'm the Tailrace Trout Slayer. Definitely not the case. They're my rarest catch. I've just given you my experiences over many years. I believe rainbows are trying to spawn now.

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